Graft judge fired over
bribery case

A joint Judicial Commission and Supreme Court ethics panel dismissed ad hoc judge Ramlan Comel of the Bandung Corruption Court on Wednesday for breaching the ethics code by meddling in a major corruption case implicating a former Bandung mayor.

The panel found that Ramlan communicated with former mayor Dada Rosada’s confidant, Toto Hutalagung, a community leader in Bandung, concerning a Rp 40 billion social aid embezzlement case being tried at the Bandung District Court.

“During the communication, it was agreed that the panel would not implicate Dada Rosada in the case,” said panel member Jaja Ahmad Jayus of the Judicial Commission while reading out the decision.

Dada has been charged, while Toto is serving a seven-year prison sentence.

The ethics panel also found “an indication that Ramlan knew and accepted money in connection with the Bandung social aid graft case” as the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigators allege that Toto paid bribes to one of Ramlan’s colleagues, then Bandung District Court deputy head Setyabudi Tejocahyono.

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