Outlook 2014

  • Tommy Firman

    Jakarta needs regional development institution

    Since the election of the new governor and deputy governor of Jakarta in 2012, the media has continued to expose several of the city problems, such as flooding and transportation.…

  • Victoria Fanggidae

    Healthy, quality life for all

    This is what the picture of Indonesia’s health sector for 2013 and several preceding years looked like: malnutrition in rural and urban areas, the resurgence of previously eradicated communicable diseases…

  • Harry Su

    Capital markets: Darkest before dawn

  • Sacha Winzenried and Fandy Adhitya

    Challenging times ahead for the Indonesian mining sector

    The Indonesian mining sector is at a crossroads as we enter 2014. The current downturn in commodity prices globally, combined with recent regulatory activity to implement key articles of the…

  • Winarno Zain

    Infrastructure investment: How fast can it grow?

    Indonesia has earned a respectable place among investors in recent years. It ranked fourth on the list of the top 20 countries with the best prospects for foreign direct investment…

  • Edward Teather

    Growth will slow, but inflation will improve

    Although Indonesian growth is likely to slow, the slowdown ought to be accompanied by an improvement in inflation and the current-account deficit. Elections add a source of uncertainty for 2014,…

  • Taimur Baig

    The year of Embracing Adjustment

    Indonesia will welcome a new government in 2014. Greeting it will be an economy that, in past attempts to accelerate growth, has ended up overheating. Challenges to rebalance and adjust…

  • Kahlil Rowter

    Turning macroeconomic challenges into opportunities

    Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth has slowed down, to below 6 percent last year, and it may get worse this year. The external reasons were lower exports due to…

  • Thomas Olsen and Edy Widjaja

    Is the party over for national Banks?

    Indonesia’s banks have been riding a big wave over the past five years, enjoying some of the highest growth in assets and strongest returns in the world. However, the year…

  • Ani Soetjipto

    Women’s political representation: Prepare for 2019

    What’s special about women’s political representation in this year’s legislative election? Perhaps it is the number of critical questions and overall pessimism that is coloring public sentiment, compared to the…