Jakpost guide to Ragunan Zoo

Liza Yosephine

The Jakarta Post


Jakarta   /  Sat, January 20, 2018  /  12:54 pm

Ragunan Zoo is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. The zoo is closed on Mondays.(JP/Wienda Parwitasari)

Ragunan Zoo in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, is a popular destination for local residents, as well as visitors to the capital. Spread across 147 hectares, the zoo is set out in a tropical setting with big open spaces, making it a favorite destination to enjoy a picnic while learning about wildlife. The zoo is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m but is closed on Mondays.

How to get there

Ragunan zoo is home to several elephants. (JP/Wienda Parwitasari)

Ragunan Zoo is easily reachable by public transportation. Two Transjakarta bus routes end right at the entrance to the zoo, namely the Dukuh Atas-Ragunan route and the Monas-Ragunan route. 

There is also the nearby Tanjung Barat station, making traveling by train another convenient alternative. It's an approximately 40-minute walk from the station to the zoo's nearest entrance. Those who don't wish to walk may prefer to use ride-hailing transportation to reach the destination. 

Upon arrival at Ragunan Zoo, visitors must pay an entrance fee of Rp 4,000 (US$0.32) per adult and Rp 3,000 per child. However, single entrance payments are no long available, as the city-owned zoo now obligates visitors to use the JakOne card for admission transactions.  

The JakOne Card, an e-money service from city-owned Bank DKI, is available for purchase at Rp 30,000 with a credit balance of Rp 20,000. The card can be shared between several people and reused by topping up the credit.

What to wear

Casual clothes are recommended for a visit to the zoo. (The Jakarta Post/Riza Roidila)

As it's spread across 147-hectares, it is best to set aside a whole day to walk around and explore the zoo. This means comfortable shoes are a must.

With Jakarta's warm weather, it is also recommended to wear appropriate clothing for the heat, such as casual t-shirts and comfortable trousers, shorts or skirts.

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What to do

A Sumatran tiger at Ragunan Zoo. (JP/Wienda Parwitasari)

Ragunan Zoo is home to over 3000 animals and more than 200 species. Many of the animals are endangered and threatened from all parts of Indonesia, as well as some that are from other parts of the world. 

At the zoo, visitors can see and learn about various animals, such as African lions, orangutans, siamang gibbons, Sumatran tigers and elephants, as well as crocodiles.

Ragunan Zoo is also home to several African lions. (JP/Wienda Parwitasari)

There is also a Komodo dragon at the zoo, so curious people who cannot travel to Komodo National Park in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, can see one in person here. 

A wide range of birds are also housed at Ragunan Zoo, with a pelican pool greeting visitors upon entrance from the Main Gate.  

For the young visitors, special attractions include the Children's Zoo, which requires an additional entrance fee of Rp 2,500 per person. The area houses animals that appeal to young children, such as a talking cockatoo. There is also a playground for kids at the mini zoo.

The Schmutzer Primate Center is a highlight of the zoo. (JP/Wienda Parwitasari)

The highlight of Ragunan Zoo is the Schmutzer Primate Center, which also requires an additional entrance fee of Rp 6,000 per person on weekdays and Rp 7,500 for weekends and national holidays. 

Opened in 2002, the primate center was named after the late Pauline Antoinette Schmutzer, who donated her estate to the center.

The Schmutzer Primate Center is home to several gorillas. (JP/Wienda Parwitasari)

The 13-hectare complex within the zoo is privately funded and managed separately. Designed with an open air concept to mimic the natural habitat of the animals, the lush center houses various primates, including gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans. 

Meanwhile, other attractions at Ragunan Zoo include a playground and rides, along with Sunday events such as pony carts and boat rides on Ragunan Lake.

With wide green open spaces, Ragunan Zoo is a popular picnic destination. (JP/Wienda Parwitasari) 

With wide open spaces spread across the zoo complex, the lawn areas are also popular places for picnics. 

To get around the zoo, there are also bikes for rent, with single bikes costing Rp 10,000 per hour and Rp 15,000 for a tandem bicycle. Zoo train rides are also available for Rp 7,500 per person.

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Where to eat

Several modest canteens are located across the zoo complex, and offer local Indonesian dishes such as nasi goreng (fried rice), soto ayam (Indonesian chicken soup) and tongseng kambing (goat stew). 

Canteens around the zoo complex serve various Indonesian dishes. (JP/Wienda Parwitasari)

There are also fresh coconuts to rehydrate after a tiring walk around the zoo. Drink stalls are also available around the complex.