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10 things to Snapchat if you're a 9-to-5 worker

Marla Meta
Marla Meta

A binge-watcher who speaks GIF

Jakarta  /  Thu, July 28, 2016  /  01:26 pm
10 things to Snapchat if you're a 9-to-5 worker

The life of a 9-5 worker can be challenging (read: boring). And what does our generation do when real life gets tedious? We go online. (Shutterstock/-)

How do you define a 9-to-5 worker? In general, the term refers to an individual employed by a company and bound by the duty of fulfilling tasks eight hours a day, five days a week.

But sometimes it's more than that. OK, most of the time.

The life of a 9-5 worker can be challenging (read: boring). And what does our generation do when real life gets tedious? We go online.

Path is dying. Snapchat is on the rise. If Snapchat were a celebrity, it would be Taylor Swift.

So here are 10 things to Snapchat if you're a 9-to-5 worker. (I understand that some people do not have the privilege to actually snap during their working hours. But I'm still writing this piece. You need to figure that out yourself. I'm sorry.)

1. The "everything you do before actually start working"

Stuck in traffic.(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
If you're stuck in traffic, meaning literally not moving at 0 kilometers per hour, you could snap a video stating your current traffic condition.

If you want to be classy, you could record it while your favorite morning-jam plays in the background. Although, we all know it's probably “Sorry” or “What Do You Mean?” or “Where R U Now?” Classy indeed.

2. The eye-rolling moments

You're only human.(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
Nobody's perfect. But your friends think you have the perfect job.

Let them know that you're only human and face moments worth rolling your eyes at at work every now and then, for you too are a 9-to-5 worker.

3. The "I'm in a meeting and I'm cool enough to be in a meeting"

Less meeting, more doing.(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
We all believe in the saying "less meeting, more doing".

Generally, the person leading the meeting shares a little life color that is entirely irrelevant to what the meeting is about. "My daughter had her first ballet recital last weekend. It was adorable."

Share your reaction to that.

4. The everything about lunchtime

Lunchtime, your favorite time.(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
It's your favorite time of the day. Snap your list of the places you're going to have lunch. That way, your friends can see in real-time the shift in habits between the pre-payday and post-payday periods.

They may even be able to guess your salary. Or, at least, how well you manage your finances.

5. The time when everybody is actually working

We are working.(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
The world must know that your job is important and everyone does it seriously.

And The time when you have absolutely nothing to do

But I have nothing to do.(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
You have been Employee of The Month for three months in a row. You’ve scratched off everything on your to-do list for the day. What to do now? Shoes-selfie!

6. Cake Day

Cake day!(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
You suddenly love everyone at the office because every once in a while you get a cake, even if it's not your birthday. Just pray that the HR department has figured out how to recruit people with different birthdays, so you can have cake at least once a month.

Snap the cake with your own review.

7. The coworkers you actually want to hang out with

My co-workers.(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
There is in your office at least one person with the same sense of humor and work ethic as you. One person you actually want to hang out with after office hours. Snap your fun time together.
See? You're a fun full-time worker adult.

8. The "my office is better than your office"

Mine is better. (Snapchat/Marla Meta)
Office tour sounds cool for your Snapchat, but not every office has the table football table and the beanbag. It's okay. You can always make it work by decorating your own cubicle or your openspace desk.

Snap the pics you have on your desk, snap some quote you printed to motivate you. It is your second home after all. LOL.

9. The ones who balance the ecosystem

There is always someone who doesn't really give a puff.(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
You will always find a coworker who literally has no idea what's going on, or anything in general. There is always, always someone who doesn't really give a puff.

Don’t be a jerk and tell your boss. Snapchat a moment with him or her so you can talk about it with your actual friends in a group chat.

Hey, this is good. You and your friends can learn the “don'ts” from these people.

10. The Jeffe

Snap your boss.(Snapchat/Marla Meta)
You have the most awesome boss there is. However, there will be a day when you have a disagreement with him or her. It’s only naturally that you quite dislike your boss for a moment.

Don't hold a grudge. Snap that.


I personally have experienced these 10 moments. Despite my annoying, slacker coworkers, I am happy. Remember, The Jeffe can see the good days when he's seen the bad ones. The force is balanced.

It doesn't mean that these 10 moments are the standard of happiness in a work place. However, I consider these moments as fairly representative. So, when these moments happen and I feel unhappy, even on Cake Day, I reflect and ask myself: to resign or not to resign?

And you thought this was another happy-go-lucky, Buzzfeedesque article. Keep doing what you love, and happy Snapchatting, worker bees.


Marla Meta is a binge-watcher who speaks GIF. Currently growing Also writing at Instagram and Twitter: @MarlaMeta

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