• ‘Ogoh-ogoh’ dolls keep tradition alive

    Over the past several years, some Balinese have turned their hands to making miniature ogoh-ogoh dolls for local children.

  • Dancing demons of Nyepi

    Come Monday, demons hiding under beds scaring little children, rattling behind kitchen pots and breaking bathroom mirrors will have been banished from Bali.

  • The making of a Dayak shaman

    For the Dayak Samanakng community in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, a visit to the local shaman, or boretn, has been a tradition for centuries.

  • Kecak’s origin: The dance that saved a village

    Banging buckets, whacking kettles and clashing cymbals.

    Making enough racket to wake the dead was the only method available to Bona villagers if they wanted to ward off deadly disease in the early 20th century.

  • ‘DRUPADI’: The classic role of women

    Master gamelan musician and composer Rahayu “Panggah” Supanggah has been on a new project that he sees as a challenge.

  • In Timika, women work to save the ‘noken’

    A noken woven bag is one of the best known pieces of Papua’s cultural heritage — and is a symbol of good life, peace and fertility.

  • A pact to save ‘subak’

    As hectare after hectare of productive farmland is lost to housing and hotels each year in Bali, one community is bucking the trend, making a promise to conserve their traditionally irrigated subak rice farms.

  • In Solo, a Chinese and Javanese melange

    Eight people carrying two huge piles (gunungan) of kue keranjang were recently seen running along Jl. Urip Sumoharjo to reach Tien Kok Sie Chinese Temple in Pasar Gede in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java.

  • Pomp for the Prophet in Yogyakarta

    The Yogyakarta Palace, as the successor of the Demak and Mataram sultanates, has always worked to preserve and promote religious ceremonies, albeit with a distinctly Javanese touch.

  • In South Lampung, a very Sundanese New Year

    There is something different about the village of Sumurkumbang, located at the foot of Mount Rajabasa in South Lampung, at the tip of Sumatra.