• Sexy Victoria's Secret lingerie show hits 20-year mark

    Some lit up, others were pretty — and patriotic — in pink and still more burst forth like fireworks.

  • Searches on Internet for pregnancy products surge

    The volume of Internet searches for products related to pregnancy preparation saw a dramatic increase after China announced its plan last week to allow all couples to have two children.

  • Van Gogh painting could bring up to $70M at Sotheby's

    A Vincent van Gogh painting is poised to bring as much as $70 million at Sotheby's on Thursday, a day after the auction house sold $377 million worth art from the estate of its late former owner.

  • For transgender community, Argentine girl sign of hope

    Luana grabs her sparkly blue dress with one hand and spins, using her other hand as a guide while a strand of tulle floats around her body.

  • Up close & personal

    - Single malt means two things: Single means that it is the product of one distillery, while malt means that it is made from malted barley and no other grains. In the sense that it is from one distillery, it could be said to be single origin (like in tea or coffee), although that terminology is not used in single malt whisky production.

  • 13 museums named recipients of art conservation grants

    Thirteen museums in seven countries have been named recipients of Bank of America grants for the conservation of artworks ranging from an Edouard Manet painting to a colossal ancient Chinese Buddha.

  • 'It's tapped!': Thousands head to Munich's Oktoberfest

    The beer is flowing again at Munich's fabled Oktoberfest.

  • Nose for style: Paris launches major perfume museum

    The floral scents wafted into the 19th-century Parisian courtyard Friday outside the launch of famed French perfumer Fragonard's first flagship perfume museum.

  • Forget social media, friends and family drive purchases: Study

    Although many companies are pouring money into social media to market their goods, the recommendations of friends and family remain the top driver of purchasing decisions, a study released Thursday found.

  • Hong Kongers fight to save beloved trams

    A controversial new proposal to take Hong Kong's beloved trams off the streets has sparked a wave of anger from residents who fear losing track of the city's past.

  • 83% of Japanese high schoolers use social networking services

    About 83 per cent of Japanese high school students use social networking services such as LINE, Twitter and Facebook, according to a government institution’s survey on high school students in Japan, the Untied States, China and South Korea. The figure of Japanese was the highest among the four countries.

  • Overtime is norm for China's white-collar workers

    Working overtime has become routine for white-collar workers, with more than 60 per cent of employees in a recent survey saying they have to work extra time on weekdays and 40 per cent having to do so on the weekends.

  • Japanese toilet giant flipping open lid on new museum

    Japan's leading toilet giant opens a new museum this week dedicated to a century of lavatories, from its first water flushing model to the most cutting edge version with odor-neutralizers and variable water jets.

  • Millennium sequel hits bookstores as author admits 'total fear'

    The eagerly-awaited sequel to Stieg Larsson's best-selling Millennium crime trilogy hit store shelves in 25 countries on Thursday, as the author admitted he wrote the book in a manic depressive state.

  • Smartphone growth creating etiquette challenges

    It's OK to use your smartphone walking down the street or on public transportation. But not at a family dinner. And definitely not in church.

  • Women to parade topless through New York on Sunday

    Women will parade topless through the streets of New York on Sunday, flashing their breasts in the name of feminist liberation as they celebrate annual GoTopless Day.

  • Kung fu tourism: foreigners learn at China school

    In the countryside outside the birthplace of the Chinese sage Confucius, 35 students -- the vast majority of them foreigners -- battle the elements as well as exhaustion at a remote kung fu training academy.

  • Why do pretty girls go under the knife?

    Malaysian DJ and model Leng Yein, 30, touted as Asia’s sexiest DJ and Malaysia’s social media queen, travels the world on deejaying gigs and is ranked number eight on the World’s Top 100 Female DJ list.

  • Topless Times Square women court New York ire

    Naked but for a thong and body paint to spare their blushes, topless women in New York's Times Square are courting the wrong crowd this summer.

  • A meal and a webcam form unlikely recipe for S. Korean fame

    Every evening, 14-year-old Kim Sung-jin orders fried chicken, delivery pizza or Chinese food to eat in a small room in his family's home south of Seoul. He gorges on food as he chats before a live camera with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of teenagers watching.