• Janet Molloy: In company with conscience

    More than 50 percent of Bali’s sex workers are believed to be HIV positive.

  • Lukman plays Ahmad Dahlan

    Award-winning actor Lukman Sardi, reputed for taking on unusual, challenging roles, will play the legendary Ahmad Dahlan – the founder of Muhammadiyah, Indonesia’s second-largest Muslim organization, in director Hanung Bramantyo’s latest movie Sang Pencerah (The Enlighter).

  • Obituary: Indonesia’s favorite psychic dies at 78

    When a fortuneteller passes away, the question burning on everyone’s mind is: “Had they ever predicted of their own death?”.

  • Jumakir: A hero made from sea shells

    From zero to hero. That is the life journey of one man named Jumakir.

  • Dian ties the knot right on time

    When actress and model Dian Sastrowardoyo sets herself a target, nothing will get in her way.

  • Musical for Gus Dur to be held on May 22

    A not-for-profit organization Indonesian American Education Foundation (IAEF) will hold a musical performed by more than 280 children to celebrate the life of Abdurrahman “Gus Dur” Wahid in conjunction with the National Education Day that fell on May 2.

  • Louise Arbour: Woman of justice

    Having worked as the chief prosecutor for two international criminal tribunals, as the United Nations high commissioner for human rights and now assuming the post of the president of the conflict prevention organization International Crisis Group, 63-year-old Canadian judge Louise Arbour says that conflict is part of human life.

  • Teuku Zacky proud to play in movie on Obama

    Teuku Zacky didn’t think twice when he was offered a role in a local production on US President Barack Obama — even though the offer was to impersonate a transvestite.

  • Tumbu Astiani Ramelan: Batik without borders

    Batik aficionado Tumbu Astiani Ramelan used to take batik for granted, she said.

  • Manohara loses weight, becomes tourism icon

    Check out Manohara Odelia Pinot’s new look. She’s slimmer, and has a new job to go with it too: tourism ambassador for Ken-dari in Southeast Sulawesi province.

  • Rossa remains strong after divorce

    Rather than drowning herself into sadness, following last year’s divorce Rossa continued to take strides in the music scene, spreading her wings to Malaysia to stage her first-ever international solo concert.

  • Donate your blood, Cinta Laura says

    She’s young, popular and active. That’s three reasons why actress and singer Cinta Laura is the ideal candidate to speak up for blood donation among youth.

  • Eko Supriyanto: ‘Sissy’ kid makes it big

    Eko Supriyanto’s fame skyrocketed in Indonesia when Madonna chose him as one of the dancers on her Drowned tour around the United States and Europe in 2001.

  • Wangi Indriya: Behind mask

    If Wangi Indriya could travel back to her childhood and change something in her past, it would be the way she fell in love with dancing.

  • Being single saves Rasti from high phone bills

    Being single is kinder to the wallet, says actress and singer Ardina Rasti, as she found her cell phone bills had significantly decreased since she split with her long-term boyfriend.

  • Raffi to release single with girlfriend Yuni Shara

    Edging closer to proving he and his flame can make their mark in the showbiz world, actor Raffi Ahmad will soon release his first single with girlfriend singer Yuni Shara.

  • Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono: A true friendship ambassador for China-RI

    If businessman Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono had not paved the way to open direct trade relations with China in the 1980s, the story of Indonesia‘s diplomatic ties with the Middle Kingdom may have turned out differently.

  • Sebastian Paredes: An Ecuadorian at home in Indonesia

    Ecuadorian banker Sebastian Paredes, the former president director of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia who spearheaded the aggressive transformation of the bank, has chosen Indonesia as his second home.

  • Tony Widya: For the love of the sport

    This soft-spoken, athletic man is all smiles. Nobody knows the good-looking schoolteacher is a pencak silat (Indonesian martial art) fighter.

  • Farah Quinn limits son’s sugar intake

    Famous TV persona chef Farah Quinn takes her child’s nutrition very seriously, limiting her son Arman Quinn’s daily sugar intake and feeding him lots of vegetables.