• Guess what?: The Changcuters get seen at Sprockets

    JAKARTA: Bandung-based rock band The Changcuters has enjoyed some international exposure as the music video of its song, “Akhirnya Indah” (Beautiful at Last), was among the finalists at the Sprockets International Music Video Festival, kapanlagi.com reported on Thursday.

  • Guess what?: Revalina nervous starring as Pipik

    JAKARTA: Although actress Revalina S. Temat has starred in 16 movies, she still found she felt nervous performing in her latest film, Hijrah Cinta (Moved by Love).

  • Guess what?: Tatjana plans a study break

    JAKARTA: New face Tatjana Saphira is currently enjoying her fame in the entertainment industry. After being cast in several highly reviewed movies, she has also starred in several music videos.

  • Guess what?: Cici Panda’s voice goes Hollywood

    Presenter and radio announcer Cici Panda says that she is very happy to have been chosen as one of the voices for the Indonesian cable version of Hollywood animation movie Despicable Me 2, to be broadcast by HBO on July 28.

  • Guess what?: Vina loses two nephews in MH17 crash

    Pop diva Vina Panduwinata is mourning the loss of her nephews who were among the passengers of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

  • Guess what?: Olga’s new movie to make August bow

    Olga Syahputra is set to appear in a new movie titled Billy & Olga Lost in Singapore, kapanlagi.com reported on Saturday.

  • Guess what?: Iwan Fals writes song about Gaza

    The recent crisis in Gaza has driven music legend Iwan Fals to write a song for the people in Palestine, tempo.co reported on Thursday.

  • Guess what?: Fatin plans to get married young

    Singer Fatin Shidqia Lubis says she plans to get married young so she will not be too old to have children.

  • Guess what?: Chicco on a break from TV

    JAKARTA: Actor Chicco Jerikho says he is taking a break from making appearances on television as he is focusing on the big screen.

  • Guess what?: Dian to appear at NY Fashion Week

    JAKARTA: Muslim wear designer Dian Pelangi says she is currently busy preparing for her upcoming shows at New York Fashion Week and DC Fashion Week in September.