Sci Tech

  • Google officially becomes Alphabet

    Google is officially 'Alphabet.'

  • NASA, Pluto, Charon, space

    Pluto's big moon, Charon, is being revealed in all its rugged glory.

  • Google's driverless car drivers ride a career less traveled

    After a friend recommended that he join a secret Google project six years ago, Brian Torcellini suddenly found himself on the road to an occupational oxymoron. He became a driver in a driverless car.

  • Golden oldies: Retro video game fans flock to Tokyo

    Tossed aside as outdated junk by some, old video games such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man are now getting a new lease of life in Tokyo's vibrant Akihabara district, as growing numbers of die-hard fans seek out vintage classics to relive their youth.

  • World first 'drone-port' planned in Rwanda

    It sounds like science fiction: unmanned drones carrying emergency medicine zooming above the rolling hills of Rwanda.

  • Tesla's first SUV, the Model X, is finally hitting the road

    Electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors has mastered the sporty two-seater and the elegant sedan. Now, it wants to conquer the family hauler.

  • Google counters Apple with Nexus phones, new tablet

    Google fired back at Apple on Tuesday with a pair of new smartphones, a "convertible" tablet and other gadgetry ahead of the year-end holiday shopping season.

  • Thought-controlled computer cursor takes a leap forward

    Scientists working to perfect a thought-controlled computer cursor said Monday they have achieved their best results yet, and are moving closer to creating a version that paralysis victims can use.

  • Life on Mars? NASA says planet appears to have flowing water

    Mars appears to have flowing rivulets of water, at least in the summer, scientists reported Monday in a finding that boosts the odds of life on the red planet.

  • 'Modern-day pirate' Kim Dotcom's words now used against him

    Prosecutors say Kim Dotcom and his colleagues sometimes reveled in their role as "modern-day pirates," discussed how to thwart the justice system, and joked that a judge would one day realize how "evil" they were.

  • Japan robot owners warned off droid sex

    The company behind a chatty Japanese humanoid named Pepper has felt the need to remind customers who purchase the robots not to engage in sex with them.

  • Rare visit by Indian prime minister enthralls Silicon Valley

    For a change, Silicon Valley is buzzing about something besides a sleek new device, mind-bending breakthrough or precocious billionaire.

  • BlackBerry to release smartphone to run on Android OS

    BlackBerry has revealed plans to release the BlackBerry Priv as its first smartphone to run on the Android operating system.

  • Report says Apple moving forward on building a car

    Apple is speeding up work on a project that could lead to the California tech giant building its own electric car, according to a new report.

  • Bee stings, research that makes you go 'huh?' win Ig Nobels

    A Cornell University graduate student who allowed honeybees to sting him in 25 places and a group of scientists who concluded it's possible for one man to father 888 children are among the winners of this year's Ig Nobels, which honor humorous scientific achievement.

  • Court blocks US sales of old Samsung phones in Apple battle

    A federal appeals court is blocking Samsung Electronics from selling some of its older smartphones in the U.S. in the latest twist to a long-running legal battle over how much of the devices' technology was copied from Apple's iPhone.

  • French startup claims development of in-vitro human sperm

    A French startup working with a top government lab said it has developed in-vitro human sperm, claiming a breakthrough in infertility treatment sought for more than a decade.

  • South Africa's new human ancestor sparks racial row

    Some prominent South Africans have dismissed the discovery of a new human ancestor as a racist theory designed to cast Africans as "subhuman", an opinion that resonates in a country deeply bruised by apartheid.

  • Apple touts environmental upgrade in latest iPhones

    Apple has given its latest iPhones an environmental upgrade to go along with a better camera and a few new features.

  • Facebook ready to test button that goes beyond 'like'

    Facebook may finally be getting a button that lets you quickly express something beyond a "like."