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  • Tech summit addresses industry's lack of diversity

    Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson spent most of this year pressuring the technology industry into facing up to the glaring scarcity of women, blacks and Latinos at companies renowned as great places to work.

  • myGADGET; Paula Verhoeven: Hold on tightly Let go lightly

    Indonesia’s tallest model, Paula Verhoeven, says she knows full well that gadgets are important. However, after losing several smartphones, Paula said that it is better to hold on tightly to her gadgets - and let go lightly when they vanish.

  • myGADGET; Dyah Pratitasari: Connecting to help others

    As a health activist, Dyah Pratitasari relies on her gadgets to get connected and to help those in need.

  • Chinese children start using Web at younger age

    More than half of children in China under 18 started to use the Internet before they reached age 8, two years younger than was the case in 2010, according to a report released on Wednesday.

  • myGadget: Ernest Samudera Flashier: is not always better

    Actor Ernest Samudera’s interests evolve over time. That can be seen in his acting, where he went from playing an Islamic cleric in Sang Kiai (The Leader) to assuming a role as a marine police officer in 3 Nafas Likas (Likas’ Three Breaths).

  • Looking to a cashless future with EDC machines

    Mery took out the shiny, new electronic data capture (EDC) machine from a drawer and placed it lightly on her dusty work desk in the back corner of the auto repair shop she owns.

  • myGADGET; Pedro Ruiz: using apps as personal TRAINERS

    Portugal-based Vivafit gym chief executive officer (CEO) and founder Pedro Ruiz says that he is a very conservative person in choosing gadgets and does not like to change often.

  • Lumia 730 redefining the selfie

    In the last few years, the world has seen a growing trend of narcissism through selfies.

  • myGADGET: Ernest Prakasa Keeping it functional

    In the last few years, the world has seen a growing trend of narcissism through selfies.

  • Pro tips on making engaging YouTube videos

    Generous lighting, crisp audio and engaging content — these are some of the keys in making a thumbs-up-worthy video on YouTube, the video sharing platform’s video makers said.

  • myGADGET; Eki Puradiredja: Purpose-built tools

    In order to be more efficient, music producer, festival director and musician Eki Puradiredja carries only a limited number of gadgets, each with a clear and specific function.

  • MyGadget: Glenn Marsalim; On the run

    As a freelance copywriter, social media activist who also selling homecooking meals online, Glenn Marsalim is always within reach.

  • myGadget: Yogi Natasukma: a focus on the OS ecosystem CDC

    Yogi “Demit” Natasukma is a part-time musician who is well-known in social media circles as the founder of the Musicians United group.

  • MyGadget : Joe Chia; Looking for the perfect picture

    Joe Chia is very attached to his gadgets and cannot imagine what life would be without them.

  • Lab Notes: Google sounds local disaster alarm with Alerts

    JAKARTA: Google says it’s launching its Google Public Alerts and Crisis Map for Indonesia to fight calamities that afflict people living in the so-called Ring of Fire.

  • LinkedIn gains ground in Indonesia

    LinkedIn is gaining a foothold in Indonesia, a social-media addicted country that sits in the upper rungs of Facebook and Twitter in terms of user numbers.

  • myGadget: Jenny Zhang: Gadgets for gaming

    Although model and actress Jenny Zhang does not spend much time on social media, she still carries multiple gadgets to use as gaming platforms to help her pass the time.

  • India releases blurry image of giant Mars craters

    India's space agency released a blurry image of Mars pockmarked with giant craters, taken by the nation's first interplanetary spacecraft after it began orbiting the red planet.

  • Offering Google a much-needed Bahasa boost

    The popularity of Google is hard to deny, with its search engine earning the nickname “Mbah Google” for helping people find answers to life’s pressing questions, whether tough or simple one like which restaurant to take a date to.

  • Self-driving prototypes

    Peter Carey (right) talks during a driving demonstration in a prototype Acura RLX sedan in Detroit, Tuesday. The car has cameras that monitor lane marking and multiple radar sensors on the front and sides. On top is a beacon that uses laser beams to continually scan the car’s surroundings, similar to self-driving prototypes already introduced by Google, Ford and Toyota. GPS also helps the car stay on a previously mapped course and follow the speed limit.

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