Sci Tech

  • Total eclipse: Part one

    This pictures shows the moon before (left) during (center) and after (right) a total eclipse over southern California as seen from Korea town (west of downtown) Los Angeles, in the US early on Tuesday. The moon turned into a burnt reddish orange color during the eclipse, the first in a series of four total eclipses taking place at regular six month intervals. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is full and passes through part or all of the Earth’s shadow. Total lunar eclipses happen when the moon is totally enveloped by Earth’s shadow, darkening the face of the moon. (AFP/Joe Klamar)

  • T. rex gets new home in Smithsonian dinosaur hall

    A Tyrannosaurus rex is joining the dinosaur fossil collection on the National Mall on Tuesday after a 3,000-mile (4,830-kilometer) journey from Montana.

  • Building robots, Building pride

    Robotics was considered a foreign subject in Indonesia a decade ago.

  • Google to sell Glass to bigger pool of consumers

    A lot more people are about to get a chance to buy Google Glass, the Internet-connected eyewear that has become the hottest accessory in geek fashion.

  • My Gadget: Jono Armstrong: Looking for functionality in gadgets

    Jonathan “Jono” Armstrong, the bassist of the band Gugun Blues Shelter, prefers to keep his gadgets simple and functional to assist him as he goes about his daily life.

  • ‘Jomblo.com’: Start up your love life

    An online platform — jomblo.com — helps singles out there stay positive and passionate about life, despite their status.

  • Facebook launches lab to bring Internet everywhere

    Facebook is giving more details about its effort to connect remote parts of the world to the Internet — and it involves drones, lasers and satellites.

  • A heads-on look at Sony's virtual reality goggles

    The promise of virtual reality in the living room is coming closer to, well, reality.

    Sony unveiled a prototype headset this week capable of surrounding a wearer's vision with interactive virtual worlds. The system, codenamed Project Morpheus, utilizes a 1080p head-mounted display with head-tracking capabilities and works in concert with the PlayStation 4 console to display imagery on the headset's screen, providing a 90-degree field of view.

  • Google redesigns Android to power smartwatches

    Google thinks it's time for an Internet-connected watch that performs many of the same tasks as a smartphone but with fewer distractions and rude interruptions.

  • MY GADGET: Nonita Respati: Capturing great and inspiring things

    Fashion designer Nonita Respati of the Purana line is known for her love of traditional batik motifs, producing pieces with a contemporary feel and modern cuts for urban women. As a someone who thinks about things visually, Nonita says that gadgets with high-resolution cameras and excellent screen resolution are what she needs.