• Pope presses environment message in bio-diverse Ecuador

    Pope Francis challenged Latin America's youth to take up his environmental protection campaign Tuesday, saying the defense of God's creation isn't just a recommendation but a requirement.

  • No 'concrete proposal' from Greece: Malta PM

    Greece did not come up with a "concrete proposal" at a meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Tuesday, according to the Maltese premier, despite European pressure on Athens for a new debt plan.

  • WHO needs urgent change to tackle health crises: Experts

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is institutionally unprepared to deal with outbreaks like the Ebola crisis and requires urgent and fundamental change, an independent panel of experts warned Tuesday.

  • Detonators, explosives stolen from French military base

    At least 150 detonators and a stock of plastic explosives have been stolen from a military base in France, triggering immediate probes into a theft that has authorities on high alert.

  • Maryland mom held on $500K after infant found on roadside

    A Maryland mother is being held on $500,000 bail after police say she left her 6-week-old daughter on the side of a road Saturday.

  • New Zealand’s proposed climate change target disappointingly low: Oxfam

    International aid agency Oxfam has expressed disappointment with New Zealand’s emissions reduction target, claiming it doesn’t represent the nation's fair share of the international effort required to tackle climate change.

  • Generation in Gaza faces bleak future under blockade

    A year after the 2014 conflict the lives of most people in Gaza have not improved, and an entire generation of young people in the territory face an increasingly bleak future with little hope of jobs, reconstruction or safety, says Oxfam.

  • Focused cessation efforts key to prevent tobacco use

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has said delivering high-quality and accessible tobacco cessation programs are one of the key measures, including higher taxes and stronger law enforcement, in the fight against tobacco.

  • Bolder political will needed to achieve global development targets: Oxfam

    International aid agency Oxfam has said countries need to show bolder political leadership if they want to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals as the political will that delivered the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is absent from today’s development debate.

  • Over 150,000 South Sudanese now sheltering in UN bases

    The number of South Sudanese civilians sheltering in United Nations bases has risen above 150,000 for the first time in 18 months of civil war, the UN said Tuesday.

  • Chinese 'Walter White' nabbed for selling ecstasy substitute: Xinhua

    Police have arrested a Chinese university professor who allegedly sold "millions of US dollars" worth of psychoactive drugs over the Internet to clients in the US, Britain, Canada and Australia, state media reported Tuesday.

  • Stronger initiatives needed in fight against tobacco

    The WHO has said countries in South and East Asia need to improve tax measures, strengthen law enforcement and enhance cessation efforts to protect people against the ill-effects of tobacco, which continues to be a major public health issue.

  • EU's Juncker wants 'to avoid Grexit'

    European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker said Tuesday he was against an exit by Greece from the euro, even though Greeks massively rejected bailout terms in a referendum this weekend.

  • Australian senator threatens to grab PM's testicles

    An independent Australian senator Tuesday threatened to physically intimidate Prime Minister Tony Abbott, using illegal rugby tactics including grabbing his testicles, if he does not limit coal-seam gas exploration.

  • Greece's departing finance minister, brash to the end

    Greece's departing Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis resigned Monday with the same dramatic flair with which he served.

  • After vote win, Greece's Tsipras looks to rebuild talks

    Despite triumphing in a popular vote against austerity, Greece on Monday faced the urgent need to heal its ties with European creditors and reach a financial rescue deal that might prevent it from falling out of the euro — possibly within days.

  • Morning after: Greeks united, proud of their defiance

    Nicky Zachary closed her family's shoe store just a few hours after opening it Monday after the few customers who had strolled in hadn't bought a thing. But she was not discouraged — she thinks a landmark "no" vote in a nationwide referendum has bonded Greeks together.

  • EU support to W. Africa reaches €1.1 billion

    European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, has co-signed new regional funding for cooperation with representatives of regional organizations from West Africa, which will run through 2020.

  • Greek crisis

    A woman withdraws money from an ATM machine next to a beggar and graffiti reading" No to fear" in Thessaloniki, Greece, on Monday. More than 61 percent of Greek voters rejected fresh austerity demands by the country's EU-IMF creditors in a historic referendum on Sunday. (AFP)

  • Signs of aging appear in mid-20s, study finds

    Aging is typically studied in the elderly, but a study released Monday said different rates of aging can be detected as early as the mid-20s.