• Graduation ceremony

    Afghan boys hold their certificates during their graduation ceremony at the Pir Massoudia Islamic madrassa in Kandahar province south of Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday. About 50 boys and girls have graduated Monday from the Pir Massoudia madrassa which took them two and a half years to finish up their Islamic studies at the madrassa.

  • 2 Americans killed in fighting in Gaza Strip

    Authorities and family members say two Americans who were soldiers with the Israel Defense Forces have been killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip.



  • UN Security Council holds urgent meeting on Gaza

    The U.N. Security Council emerged from an emergency session late Sunday on the worsening situation in Gaza expressing "serious concern" about the rising civilian death toll and demanding an immediate end to the fighting.

  • Kerry returns to Mideast to push for cease-fire

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is making a renewed push for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas with another trip to the region where the toll of death and destruction is rising.

  • McDonald's, KFC in China face new food scandal

    McDonald's and KFC in China faced a new food safety scare Monday after a Shanghai television station reported a supplier sold them expired beef and chicken.

  • UN to vote on crash resolution; Russia has doubts

    The U.N. Security Council will vote Monday on an Australia-proposed resolution demanding international access to the Ukraine plane crash site and a cease-fire around the area, with diplomats pressuring a reluctant Russia to approve it.


  • Bodies from downed jet piled in boxcars in Ukraine

    Pro-Moscow rebels piled nearly 200 bodies from the downed Malaysian jetliner into four refrigerated boxcars Sunday in eastern Ukraine, and cranes at the crash scene moved big chunks of the Boeing 777, drawing condemnation from Western leaders that the rebels were tampering with the site.

  • RI joins MH17 probe amid uncertainty over access to site

    The Indonesian government has readied experts and investigators to join international joint efforts to probe the downing of a Malaysian passenger jet in eastern Ukraine as well as to recover and identify the victims, even though the separatists controlling the site have yet to give clear access.

  • Q&A: How Malaysia Airlines can salvage its brand

    Malaysia Airlines is in uncharted territory after the disappearance of Flight 370 in March with 239 people aboard was followed this week by the downing of another of its jets, carrying 298 people, over Ukraine.



  • Without radar, missile may not have identified jet

    If Ukrainian rebels shot down the Malaysian jetliner, killing 298 people, it may have been because they didn't have the right systems in place to distinguish between military and civilian aircraft, experts said Saturday.