• Kazakhstan ready to sell wheat, meat and fuel to RI, envoy says

    Kazakhstan, the biggest economy in Central Asia, is ready to supply wheat, meat and fuel to Indonesia, says a top Kazakhstan diplomat.

  • Storm cuts power, lifts roofs in Australian city

    Brisbane, Australia's third largest city, has been lashed by the worst storm in decades, with wind, rain and hail lifting roofs, cutting power lines, flooding streets and injuring a dozen people.

  • Binaj Gurubacharya

    South Asian heads of state attending their first summit in three years reached a deal on energy sharing Thursday, but failed on two other economic agreements during a retreat where Indian and Pakistan leaders shook hands.

  • Germany unveils dedicated Ebola medevac jet

    The German government has unveiled what it says is the world's first dedicated medevac plane for Ebola patients.

  • Australian cricketer Hughes dies of head injuries

    Phillip Hughes won admirers across the cricket spectrum, from the most elite players to the everyday fan for an unorthodox batting style honed on the family banana plantation and a never-give-in attitude despite being dropped a handful of times from Australia's test team.

  • Prince William to visit China, Japan next year

    Kensington Palace officials say Prince William will make an official visit to China and Japan early next year.

  • Root causes of gender inequality must be tackled: OECD

    The Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) 2014 report shows that countries at varying levels of development have made important strides in reducing gender discrimination through promising initiatives that tackle discriminatory social norms.

  • Photo exhibition reveals Palestine refugee stories

    A joint photo exhibition held as part of the commemoration of the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People explores the long journey of Palestinian refugees and Indonesian support for Palestine’s sovereignty.

  • Plan to set up mentorship exchange for regional military, security officers announced

    A gathering of retired defense and security chiefs, the Pinnacle Club of ASEAN, has announced a plan to set up the Pinnacle Club Mentorship Exchange, an informal interchange of ideas for regional military and security officers.

  • 78,000 tickets up for grabs for Pope Mass in Tacloban

    The Archdiocese of Palo in central Philippines will give away 78,000 tickets for a Mass to be celebrated by Pope Francis at Tacloban International Airport on Jan 17, 2015.

  • Najib: Sedition Act to stay in M'sia

    Prime minister Najib Razak declared at the Umno general assembly that the Sedition Act will not only be retained but strengthened to protect the sanctity of Islam and other religions.

  • Survey shows cybercrime on the mainland and HK on the rise

    Average financial losses from cybercrime in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland climb to US$2.4 million in 2014, up 33 per cent from a year earlier, according to a survey by international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, or PwC.

  • Congo detains 6 UN peacekeepers

    Congolese authorities detained six members of a Ukrainian aviation crew working for the U.N. peacekeeping force on Wednesday after Congolese military uniforms were found in their luggage, the U.N. force said.

  • Venezuela charges Maduro foe in alleged plot

    An outspoken leader of Venezuela's opposition is being charged in what the government alleges was a U.S.-backed plot to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro.

  • Ebola vaccine seems safe in first-stage testing

    An experimental Ebola vaccine appears safe and triggered signs of immune protection in the first 20 volunteers to test it, U.S. researchers reported Wednesday.

  • Hong Kong police arrest protesters, 7 officers

    Hong Kong police arrested 11 more people in a second night of scuffles with demonstrators angry at having their 2-month-old pro-democracy protest camp in a volatile neighborhood shut down, officials said Thursday.

  • South Korea starts trial for Japanese journalist

    A trial has begun for a Japanese journalist charged with defaming South Korea's president by reporting rumors that she was absent for seven hours during a ferry disaster in April because she was with a man.

  • Leaving a lasting imprint on lives in Aceh

    Two years after watching her father get shot dead by separatists during an outbreak of civil unrest in Banda Aceh, eight-year-old Nazirah lost her mother to the Dec 26 tsunami in 2004.

  • Affidavit: US teen left clues about Syria plan

    An 18-year-old Minnesota man accused of trying to travel to Syria to join fighters with the Islamic State group left a few inadvertent clues on Facebook, but was able to hide months of planning from his parents, according to court documents unsealed this week.

  • Cosby testimony describes accuser's spiked story

    Bill Cosby testified under oath in 2005 that he gave a tabloid an exclusive about sex-assault allegations made by a Canadian woman against him so it would spike a second accuser's story.

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