• India launches campaign for deworming millions of children

    Millions of Indian children are getting deworming treatment in a massive national campaign to prevent parasitic worms from infecting them and impairing their mental and physical development.

  • Developers of toppled Taiwan building detained

    Three Taiwanese construction company executives have been detained on charges of professional negligence resulting in death following the collapse of an apartment building in an earthquake, killing dozens.

  • Gunmen open fire on Syria aid convoy, no casualties reported

    Syria's state news agency SANA says opposition gunmen have opened fire on aid vehicles in the besieged rebel-held town of Madaya, near the capital Damascus, but no casualties were reported.

  • S. Korea to halt work at joint industrial park with N. Korea

    South Korea said Wednesday that it would suspend operations at a joint industrial park with North Korea in response to the North's recent rocket launch, the first time in the park's decade of operation that Seoul has halted work there.

  • Ban upheld on grandson of Iran's Islamic Republic founder

    Iran's official news agency says that the country's constitutional watchdog has rejected an appeal by the grandson of the Islamic Republic's founder against his disqualification from running as a candidate for a top clerical body.

  • Jumping donkey leaps to fame in Egyptian village

    A donkey has leapt to fame in a small Egyptian village by defying her species' well-known stubbornness and jumping hurdles on command.

  • US Army study: Iraq's Mosul dam at 'higher risk' of failure

    Iraq's Mosul Dam has long been branded the world's most dangerous dam, at risk of collapsing and sending water crashing over millions of people. That prospect is even greater than was previously believed after the Islamic State group captured the dam briefly in 2014, according to a new report by U.S. Army engineers.

  • Woman finds artwork by father killed in Vietnam

    Erika Colligan spent three decades searching for her father's artwork — paintings the South Vietnam pilot made for the U.S. Air Force aviators who trained him during the Vietnam war.

  • Turkey summons US ambassador over Syrian Kurdish forces spat

    Turkey has summoned the U.S. ambassador to "convey unease" a day after the U.S. State Department spokesman said that, unlike Turkey, Washington doesn't recognize Syrian Kurdish forces as "terrorists."

  • The Latest: Death toll in German train crash up to 10

    The Latest on a train crash in Germany that has caused deaths and injuries (all times local):

  • US official says Syrian government unlikely to collapse

    The director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency said he does not think the Syrian government of Bashar Assad is likely to collapse or be defeated in the near term because of increased support from Iran and Russia.

  • UN urges Turkey to open border to Syrians fleeing Aleppo

    Turkey must open its doors to the tens of thousands of Syrians who have massed at the border after fleeing violence, the U.N. demanded Tuesday, as an aide group said tents on the Syrian side are overcrowded and food in short supply.

  • Intelligence officials: IS determined to strike US this year

    Leaders of the Islamic State are determined to strike targets in the United States this year, senior U.S. intelligence officials said Tuesday, telling lawmakers that a small group of violent extremists will attempt to overcome the logistical challenges of mounting such an attack.

  • Iraqi government says it fully recaptured Ramadi from IS

    Iraqi government forces have regained full control of Ramadi after pushing Islamic State group fighters out of the city's outskirts, according to Iraqi security forces and the U.S.-led coalition.

  • Norway investigates child abuse at asylum-seekers' centers

    Norwegian police said Tuesday that they are investigating several cases of sex offenders allegedly abusing children at asylum-seekers' reception centers in the country. Swedish police, meanwhile, arrested more than a dozen people suspected of planning an attack on a refugee center.

  • Energy agency says gasoline will average under $2 in 2016

    For the first time since 2004, U.S. drivers are expected to pay an average of less than $2 a gallon for gasoline, the government said Tuesday.

  • UAW adds to unfair labor practices allegations at Volkswagen

    The United Auto Workers alleges that Volkswagen has failed to consult with a newly elected maintenance workers union on a range of issues from vending machine prices to out-of-pocket prescription drug costs despite a union victory at the plant in December.

  • Australia commits to legal growing of medicinal marijuana

    Australian lawmakers have committed to legalize the growing of marijuana for medical use within a part of the world renowned for zero-tolerance and harsh penalties for illegal drugs.

  • China reports 1st case of imported Zika virus

    China has reported its first case of the Zika virus in a man who recently traveled to Venezuela.

  • UN experts: North Korea continues to evade UN sanctions

    U.N. experts say North Korea is continuing to evade U.N. sanctions, using airlines, ships, and the international financial system to trade in prohibited items for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs raising important questions about the sanctions regime.