• Commission wants TV, radio free of LGBT
    Hostility against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community continues, with the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) being the latest agency to enact a discriminatory rule aga
  • By the way ... No more ‘I Love You’, love gets colorless with emoticons
    It was 1976 and there was not much to watch on the black-and-white television set in our small modest living room.
  • New journeys of Rio & Atiqah
  • Real Valentine
  • KPK exposes more corrupt practices at Supreme Court
    The arrest of a Supreme Court official in charge of handling civil suits and appeals for receiving bribes has again exposed rampant corrupt practices at the country’s highest judicial institution
  • Health crisis emerges, regions struggle
    Floods that have submerged a number of regions in Indonesia over the past week have begun to result in major health consequences for local residents, as hundreds in the affected areas report the qu
  • ‘No Valentine’s Day, no problem’ say Depok students
    Students in Depok seem unfazed by the ban on Valentine’s Day, widely known as affection day.
  • Kids’ stuff
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