Bali mynah conservation project gets international support

Theresia Sufa

The Jakarta Post

Bogor, West Java

Jakarta, posted: Mon, May 1, 2017 | 09:13 am

Endangered species: Baby Rothschild’s mynahs wait for food in their nest at a breeding facility in Sumber Klampok village, Buleleng, Bali. (JP/Theresia Sufa)

Indonesia’s efforts to conserve the Curik Bali (Rothschild’s mynah) by involving local communities living in areas around the Bali Barat National Park (TNBB) have received attention and support from international conservation bodies and zoo associations.

Curik Bali Conservation Association (APCB) chairman Tony Sumampau said that since 2004, the association had striven to breed of the myna, which is on the brink of extinction, by involving local communities in activities to conserve the species.

These efforts were strengthened with the issuance of a decree from the environment and forestry minister, which permits local people, especially those who lived in areas around the TNBB, to breed Curik Bali, he said.

The initiatives conducted by the APCB to save the Curik Bali from extinction has drawn attention from international conservation bodies and zoo associations from Europe and Asia.

“They include the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Asian Species Partnership, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and EAZA Passerine TAG [Taxon Advisory Group],” said Tony, who is also director of the Indonesia Safari Park, recently.

He said there were 17 Curik Bali breeders around the TNBB conservation areas. They live in Sumber Klampok village, Buleleng regency, around 4 kilometers from the park.

The breeders have united into Manuk Jegeg, a Curik Bali conservation group. Based on a conservation agreement raised with APCB, they must return 10 percent of the birds they breed to the national park.

“There are now around 81 Curik Bali living in the TNBB,” said Tony. (ebf)     

Into the wild: Two Rothschild’s mynahs are ready to be released into the wild.(JP/Theresia Sufa)


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