• More biopores built to improve water retention

    The Bandar Lampung municipality in cooperation with NGOs Mercy Corps Indonesia and Mitra Bentala has targeted to construct more biopores to improve water retention across the city.

  • Cop arrested in alleged child sexual abuse case

    Police in Aceh have detained Brig. M, a member of the Aceh Police’s special intelligence unit, in relation to the alleged sexual abuse of two elementary school students. The allegations came to light after the students’ parents reported the matter.

  • Ngurah Rai airport services still dissatisfying

    Bali’s tourism industry is still not satisfied with the quality of services provided at the newly renovated Ngurah Rai International Airport.

  • Illegal mining activities to be reviewed

    The Central Java administration intends to evaluate the illegal mining of non-minerals and non-metals, categorized as C materials, across the province as such activities are believed to have caused severe environmental damage. The materials include sand, stone and limestone.

  • Riau haze investigation focuses on companies

    The Riau Police are intensifying their investigation into haze by probing a number of companies in Bengkalis and Indragiri Hilir regencies in connection to forest and peatland fires in Riau.

  • KPK launches anti-corruption pedicabs

    The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Community Empowerment Council (MPM) of Muslim organization Muhammadiyah launched 30 becak (pedicabs) bearing anti-corruption messages as part of the KPK’s anti-corruption campaign on Wednesday.

  • Makassar mayor seeks public help in fight against motorcycle gang

    Makassar Mayor Ilham Arief Sirajuddin asked the public on Wednesday to make a contribution to the fight against a notorious motorcycle gang that has frequently sparked violent incidents in the city.

  • Residents complain about Parepare city’s mentally ill

    Parepare city in South Sulawesi faces an increasing number of people with mental illnesses on its streets.

  • Teacher absences rife in Sumenep

    State elementary school SDN Guwa-Guwa in the Sumenep Islands, East Java, has been temporarily sealed by the authorities due to many teachers being absent from their duties for long periods.

  • Saudi Arabia extends aid for Aceh by end of year

    Saudi Arabia will increase its relief funds to a total Rp 806.6 billion (US$70 million) to assist victims of earthquake and tsunami in Aceh until December 2014, the Saudi Arabian vice interior minister says.