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Former Miss Indonesia wants to resign from US army

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Fri, November 25, 2016 | 03:37 pm
Former Miss Indonesia wants to resign from US army

A patch is seen on the sleeve of a US army member’s uniform. (Shutterstock/File)

The winner of Miss Indonesia 2006, who later enlisted in the US army, Kristania Virginia Besouw, has revealed her wish to leave the military and return to her hometown of Manado, North Sulawesi.

“I don’t like it, [I] want to resign,” Kristania told “[It’s] tiring to always travel and move. What’s important is I already know how it feels to be a soldier.”

Previously, Kristania said she could get promoted to a higher rank in the military. “I was sent to the Noncommissioned Officer Academy to study a basic leader course for a month in September, which allows me to achieve a higher rank,” she explained, adding that she would leave the military when her contract ended in October 2018. 

“I’ve graduated from it; all I need to do is just meet with the council.”

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Miss Indonesia 2006 Kristania Virginia Besouw, who is currently based in the US, has said she wants to visit her family and friends in her hometown of Manado, Indonesia.(Kristania Virginia Besouw via

Born in Manado, Kristania said she wanted to visit her family and friends in Indonesia. “I long to see Manado; I want to eat Manado’s spicy, delicious foods. I also miss my close friends and family.”

News of Kristania’s decision to join the military circulated in Indonesia after she posted photographs of herself in camouflage fatigues to her Instagram account using the hashtags #armystrong and #proud. Following her achievement in the Miss Indonesia contest, she later represented the country at the Miss World pageant in 2006.

Following her marriage, Kristania moved to Colby, Kansas, and became a US citizen. (wir/kes)