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Marvel movies after ‘Avengers 4’ may be completely different from earlier ones

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| Tue, November 28, 2017 | 05:05 pm
Marvel movies after ‘Avengers 4’ may be completely different from earlier ones

A poster of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' which was released in 2015. (

Avengers fans may soon bid farewell to their favorite comic book superheroes once the “Avengers 4” movie hits theaters in 2019. The age of the Avengers may be ending but more movies for the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been planned up until 2020.

According to a Vanity Fair interview with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, “Avengers 4” will “bring things you’ve never seen in superhero films: a finale.”

Feige continues to describe “two distinct periods” which divide everything that came before “Avengers 4” and everything that will come after.

He adds that succeeding movies would be more challenging to create. Writers and directors would generally have to start from scratch each time because there would be no overarching storyline to build up on anymore.

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New actors would also be constantly sought out to fill new roles that audiences have not seen before.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said Marvel Studios has the rights to 7,000 characters which may appear in various spin offs or stand-alone films.

Director James Gunn may be doing one of these spin offs based on “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

“Avengers: Infinity War”, the next installment for the MCU will premiere on May 4, 2018. “Avengers 4” has been scheduled for May 3, 2019.

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