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Demian Aditya’s stunt double hurt during illusionist's performance

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Jakarta | Sat, December 2, 2017 | 03:14 pm
Demian Aditya’s stunt double hurt during illusionist's performance

Demian previously performed "The Death Drop" during "America's Got Talent 2017." (

Demian Aditya's stunt double, Edison Wardhana, was reportedly hurt during the illusionist's performance, which was broadcast live on a local TV station on Wednesday night.

The stunt, called "The Death Drop," featured a wooden casket hung by a rope. After being trapped inside the casket, Demian had to try to escape before it dropped, while a fire slowly burned away at the rope.

According to, Demian, as usual, escaped unscathed after causing panic among the audience, particularly the show’s presenters and his wife, Sara Wijayanto.

The situation seemed to be under control until several photos of Edison after the performance were circulated online on Thursday night. Edison is said to be the one who was trapped inside the casket and was later brought to the hospital.

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“He’s already conscious, but he’s still in the ICU,” said one of Edison’s friends, who wished to remain unnamed.

It reportedly would take two to three weeks for Edison to recover and the doctors are waiting for his condition to stabilize before taking further action. “His lung has been stitched. [Although] parts of his left lung were cut, he’s still able to breathe normally,” Edison’s friend added.

Meanwhile both Demian and Sara chose to remain silent about the matter.

This is not the first time for Demian to perform "The Death Drop." He previously performed the illusion in one of the rounds of the TV show America’s Got Talent 2017. (wir/kes)