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Warung Pintar acquires early financing worth US$4m

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Mon, February 12, 2018 | 06:08 pm
Warung Pintar acquires early financing worth US$4m

One of Warung Pintar's factory-made stalls. (Warung Pintar/File)

Startup Warung Pintar has acquired investment worth Rp 55 billion (US$4 million) on Monday.

According to a press release, the investment came from several companies, namely SMDV, Digital Garage, East Ventures, Insignia Ventures Partner, Triputra Group, as well as a few angel investors.

Warung Pintar is a technology-based startup that produces factory-made stalls using the technological integration of traditional warung (small store).

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The company has two main objectives: improving the traditional warung using technology and inviting companies to use the platform to distribute their products and services.

Warung Pintar CEO Agung Bezharie said the company saw the startup as a technology hub that can connect various opportunities for their partners.

“Therefore, we welcome anyone who wants to be Warung Pintar’s partner, from both technology or non-technology companies,” said Agung. (jes/kes)