fX Lifestyle X'nter combines
business with pleasure

Businesses looking for places to hold meetings outside the office may find their ultimate destination in a new concept mall in Central Jakarta.

The colorful fX Lifestyle X'nter, on Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, attempts to combine both business and leisure for young professionals and fellow nomads in the city.

"fX is not a shopping center. We target young executive professionals from 25 to 45 for both business and leisure," said fX marketing director Henny Udi Brown.

Among its attractions is fPOD, meeting rooms complete with Internet connection, fax, printing machine and an array of presentation multimedia.

The 11 fPODs were designed by different interior designers, resulting in transparent oval, rectangular or curvaceous rooms furnished with a table and chairs, available for Rp 300,000 per hour.

"There are no big shopping departments here. 50 percent of our tenants are in the food and beverage business, while the rest are occupied by retail, services, lounges and entertainment places."

Besides staying open late -- until midnight on weekdays and 3 a.m. on the weekends -- fX has installed its own indoor slide, the third in the world after Austria and Israel, for those who want a little adrenaline rush during a busy day. One run goes for Rp 100,000.

Built with German technology, Almostfear lets people slide from the seventh floor to the ground floor in transparent cylindrical tube in less than 12 seconds. The tube is 28.25 meters high and 72 meters in length.

Henny said that fX will be launched as soon as "everything is complete". As of July, the tenant occupancy is expected to be around 60 to 80 percent.

fX places itself as a complement to the neighboring Plaza Senayan and Senayan City rather than being a direct competitor. It considers eX in Plaza Indonesia as its "little" sister, hence the brand similarity.

fX select tenants that fits into its concept, Henny said. Some of the branding of retailers had to be revamped to fit in.

Current tenants include Platinum XXI, Ebeya Japanese Restaurant, Cupcakes, gadget store TRIO and 3 Degree Club, a non-smoking bar.

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