Gita Gutawa tries her hand
at acting

JP/Dian Kuswandini

JAKARTA: After a baby step toward acting through her part in an animated movie, teen singer Gita Gutawa is taking on another challenge. This time she has a full role in the romantic flick Love in Perth.“I don’t know why, but I feel really connected with the movie. The character fits me well,” the 16-year-old said Wednesday as quoted by news portal inilah.com.

In the role of Lola, a shy Indonesian girl studying in Perth, Australia, Gita works alongside actor Derby Romero, popular for his childhood debut in Petualangan Sherina (Sherina’s adventure).

As the title indicates, most of the scenes for Love in Perth were filmed Down Under, a fact that also appealed to Gita.

“It was indeed a challenge, but a nice one. People can call it riding on one’s own success, but for me it’s just a way of doing something different,” she said.

Gita’s first acting stint was as the voice over for a character in the animated feature Mengejar Impian (Chasing a Dream).

“I learned a lot about acting then. But for real acting in front of the camera, I still have to learn a lot more,” Gita said. “My biggest challenge was doing a crying scene. Practicing in front of the mirror helped, though.”

— JP

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