Cut Tari denies sex video
with Ariel


JAKARTA: After Luna Maya, it’s now actress and presenter Cut Tari’s turn to make the headlines over the leaking of a private sex video onto the web, allegedly showing her and pop band Peterpan’s vocalist Ariel partaking in some steamy bedroom exercise.

The video, which has been circulating on the Internet over the past two days, has shocked Tari, who hasn’t been seen recently on the infotainment show she regularly hosts.

“Cut Tari denied the woman in the tape was her. She swore to her family it wasn’t her,” said the actress’ lawyer Malik Bawazier, as quoted by detik.com. “She’s truly in shock. She can’t believe someone could do this to her,” he added.

Tari’s husband Jusuf Subrata said he believed in his wife.

“I trust her, and I’m highly confident the woman in the video isn’t Tari,” said Yusuf, who married Tari in 2004. “I know Tari is a very responsible woman.”

Rumor has it the videos featuring Tari and Luna are only the tip of the iceberg, with a total of 32 sex tapes soon to be leaked to the public.

The videos are said to show a man resembling to Ariel having sex with different women, of whom seven are celebrities. Ariel was reportedly blackmailed after losing his laptop. Until today, no reporter has managed to confirm the rumors with Ariel.

Meanwhile, the National Police has just kicked off an investigation to find out who is responsible for uploading the clips on the Internet.  —

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