Dewi Sandra astounded by
crazy working hours

JAKARTA: Singer Dewi Sandra, who is acting in her first soap opera, is slowly coming to terms with the long working hours so typical of the industry.

Dewi signed a contract to star in a soap opera called Nada Cinta (Love Tone) that will be aired on one of the national television stations. She has the leading role as a singing teacher.

“I knew people said that working in the soap opera industry involved mad working hours. But I just couldn’t believe it at first. Now I am involved in it, I am realizing this is true!” Dewi said as quoted by kapanlagi.com on Monday.

She was also amazed to find out production still went on despite actresses falling sick.

It has made her appreciate the process behind producing soap operas. “I have to stay healthy to avoid getting sick while shooting,” the 27-year-old said. — JP

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