More tourists visit Istiqlal
after Obama visit

JAKARTA: US President Barrack Obama’s visit to Istiqlal Mosque in Central Jakarta last year has apparently inspired many foreign tourists to take a look at Indonesia‘s largest mosque.

Istiqlal management secretary Subandi said recently in Jakarta that Obama had helped promote the mosque as a tourist attraction, with the number of tourists visiting Istiqlal increasing significantly since the visit of the US head of state and his wife.

“Since Obama’s visit, the average number of foreign tourists here is about 20 per day. They mostly come from Europe.

“Those tourists must come to Istiqlal because the news on Obama [visiting the mosque] spread on the Internet,” Subandi said, as quoted by kompas.com on Wednesday.

Obama and his wife Michelle visited Istiqlal during his brief tour to Indonesia in November last year.

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