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Hanung Bramantyo (JP/P.J. Leo)
Hanung Bramantyo (JP/P.J. Leo)

New Year is just around the corner — time for a clean break and a fresh start, with resolutions to be made, and most likely, broken.

In the past 12 years of his career, filmmaker Hanung Bramantyo has helmed over 20 films. At the end of this year, his production house Dapur Film released two films — Habibie dan Ainun (Habibie and Ainun) and Cinta Tapi Beda (Love but Different). 

“My New Year’s resolution is to produce more film directors and make films in various genres so audiences will not have to watch only one film genre, like horror. My production house provides workshops for directors and actors.

This year, I have proven myself not only as a director but also as a teacher, trusting my students to become film directors. Faozan Rizal [Habibie dan Ainun director] and Hestu Saputra [Cinta Tapi Beda director] recently had their time. Next, I will prepare a number of films and act as a supervisor and director.

My regret this year is that I was reckless in picking my crews. I trusted them so much that I suffered financially in the end. Next year, I hope I can do better.”

Singer-turned-author Dewi “Dee” Lestari delighted her fans with the release of the fourth novel in her Supernova series, Partikel (Particle), which took her eight years to finish. Her other book, Perahu Kertas (Paper Boat), was adapted into film and its soundtrack, which she composed, won the Maya Award.

“My main goal is to release another book in the Supernova series, which is titled Gelombang (Wave). Since I just moved into a new house this December, I think I’ll still be busy settling into the new house until January. It’ll be great if I can start working in February. As usual, I’ll start with research. That usually includes lots of reading material, mapping out details and lots of pondering.

Back in my 20s, having a New Year’s resolution felt important. Now, I simply see that kind of thing as a to-do-list. But, I remember I wanted to take swimming lessons. So, yes, maybe swimming lessons this year. And, yes, I cannot swim — yet. I will get there in time.

I don’t think I have any major regrets. Small ones, perhaps. But they’re too insignificant for me to hold onto. My biggest hope for the year to come is, personally, writing more books. In general, I wish humanity would find better ways to live without torturing this planet.”

Tex Saverio (JP/Nurhayati)

Indonesian up-and-coming designer Tex Saverio put his name on the global fashion scene after one of his creations was donned by American songstress Lady Gaga in a glossy lifestyle magazine last year. In August, the 27-year-old chalked up another success — Gaga wore his design in the advertisement of her latest perfume, Fame.

“My personal and professional life are intertwined as I would like to get physically and mentally prepared to build my fashion empire, the House of Tex Saverio, in 2013.

To me, New Year resolutions serve only as a reminder to our goals.  Actions speak louder than words.

Career-wise, there were some ideas put on hold due to upcoming projects. Whether to add them to my 2013 resolution list is undecided.  All I can say is the show must go on.

Honestly, I have no regrets this year. I have made some mistakes but I learned valuable lessons from them. Biggest hope? That all my dreams come true. Wish me luck!”

Reza Rahadian
Tex Saverio (JP/Nurhayati)
Actor Reza Rahadian is probably one of the busiest actors this year, starring in five productions, including Habibie dan Ainun (Habibie and Ainun).  

“My expectations for the year ahead is getting offers to act in films that have good stories. I also want to master directing, which I am learning right now. I love the film world as a whole.

I personally do not make future plans. I do have dreams, but I am not capable of making a list of things I want to achieve next year. I just try to live in the moment.

In 2013, I will see the release of two omnibus films that I directed with Garin Nugroho and Irwansyah. My biggest hope next year is having my latest movie, Habibie and Ainun, screened in other countries like Malaysia and Singapore and to go around the world with big film festivals.”

Andrian Ishak is the 35-year-old owner of Namaaz Dining, the country’s first restaurant that uses molecular gastronomy, resulting in a whole new eating experience.

“My New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to have more balance in life. As for my career, I hope to find a location that best represents my food concept. The place does not have to be too big, around 30 seats, not in a busy area but easily accessible. A hidden treasure, you might say. I also plan to manage time better and know what’s best for me, which includes knowing when to stop.

Last year, I did not set aside time to creatively explore and get inspired to create new molecular gastronomy dishes. So, another resolution is to be more focused on the creative process and to develop new inventions.

My biggest regret this year was not starting Namaaz Dining the year before. I was ready in 2011. Looking back, I now realize that our society was ready to accept and explore this kind of dining creation.

For next year, personally, I want to have a fulfilling life, including spending more time with friends and family. In general, my biggest hope is to inspire someone to create without any barriers and to open society’s eyes to Indonesian cuisine so they will appreciate their own culinary treasures.”

Actress and singer Jelita “Acha” Septriasa, 23, famous for her blockbuster film Heart, has been in the film industry for seven years. Her latest movie, Test Pack: You’re My Baby, earned her a Best Actress award at the recent Indonesian Film Festival (FFI).

“Earning the Citra Award has actually been one of my New Year resolution’s since 2009. Each year, I usually do two films — or three at the most, with winning the award as my main goal. Gratefully, I earned it this year. I’m really thankful for that.

I’ve shot two movies so far, and right now I’m filming Bangun Dong Lupus (The Movie) [Wake Up Lupus]. I will also continue my music career as I’m going to contribute to the soundtrack for one of my upcoming motion pictures.

For 2013, I’m wishing for a steady acting and music career. I have three movies slated to be released next year and one of them will be my directorial debut.

My biggest regret in 2012 is that I rejected a role for a Malaysian production. I didn’t think the script was extraordinary. But, I just found out it became a box office hit with a total five million viewers.”

 Talented fashion designer Lenny Agustin has always shown that she is pro women’s empowerment throughout her artistic career.

“I don’t really have a pompous goal for next year. I hope to continue my studies at the Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ). I decided to major in art simply because I need the degree to continue lecturing at my alma mater, ISWI, and Inter Studi. After this, I will probably get a master’s degree should I intend to lecture at a higher level of education.

I like to share my knowledge with anyone. I’ve even published a book about fashion. I’ve shared all of
my secrets.

On the fashion side, I will have a solo fashion show for my Lenor brand in February — so it’s been quite hectic. In January, I’m scheduled to show my pieces at a fashion show in Hong Kong. In 2013, I will pretty much be taking care of unfinished business.

Besides my solo project, actress Olivia Zalianty and I have also been working together to launch an accessories brand. We agreed that this project will not just be about business, but it will empower the underprivileged in Majenang (Cilacap, Central Java).

I had targeted to launch my second fashion book this year but I didn’t. But like I said, such things don’t disappoint me. The plan is still on, maybe for next year or the year after.”

With her 1.83-meter frame, model Paula Verhoeven is one of Indonesia’s top models, who has also a made a modeling career in Singapore.

“My New Year’s resolution is simply to achieve more and to be more patient. It doesn’t mean I’ve been impatient; I just feel like I should be more patient.

To have a better career, I need to stay focused. I won’t let other things ruin my concentration. Over the past couple of years, I’ve built my modeling career in Singapore, and I’d like to maintain it. I’d love to develop my career in other countries too. I’ve been in the business since 2001, and I’d like to maintain it for several more years.

I have no regrets. I’m just grateful for every single thing that I’ve achieved as of today. For the year to come, I hope things just improve in all aspects of life.”

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