Dewi Sandra: Her New Groove

(Courtesy of Wardah Cosmetics)

“I feel truly happy now,” Dewi said in reference to the transformation she has undergone in the past five months since she decided to wear a hijab.

“The change happens internally, it is beyond words. I believe that every single person has her or his own story [related to spiritualism], but for me, it calms me. It makes me happy and brings me closer to my Creator.”

The singer, who has released five albums, used to be a gossip magnet following her divorce from actor Surya Saputra, and later from singer Glenn Fredly.

But today, the wife of Agus Rahman looks comfortable in her skin — relaxed and in control, even in her line of work.

She was not worried that her new look would cost her jobs in the entertainment industry. Instead she feels blessed and more positive.

“I mean, there were times when I felt so anxious because I was singing in a café at two in the morning. Now, I’m more of a taklim [Islamic studies group] kind of person. I get the knowledge and the comfort,” said the new brand ambassador of Wardah Cosmetics.

She says that in the back of her mind, she is fully aware she has to go through the process — experiencing trial and error — but never regrets anything that has happened in her life.

“My life is 180 degrees different now. Back then [before donning the hijab], it was Dewi Sandra on an old page. I will never forget what I’ve learned; pages that I’ve been through. I’m really, really grateful,” the 33-year-old says.

“Now, I’m on a new page. Is it hard? Yes. Full of challenges? Very much. Do I feel scared and lack confidence? I really do. But again, I’m in a learning process. If I don’t try it, I will never grow. I’d probably just stay at home, lock myself up, but thank God, many people have given me chances, encouraging me to try new things.”

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