RI to pledge $500,000 assistance
to Syria

Indonesia looks set to provide US$500,000 in assistance to conflict-torn Syria, a senior Indonesian diplomat says.

In 2012, Indonesia - the world’s most populous Muslim country - donated the same amount to Syria under the banner of the United Nations.

"The aid for Syria from Indonesia is estimated at $500,000 but we’re still awaiting the confirmation of the amount from Jakarta. Last year too, it was $500,000," Indonesian Ambassador to Kuwait Ferry Adamhar told Antara news agency in Kuwait City on Tuesday.

The small, oil rich Gulf state of Kuwait is hosting an international donor conference in its capital.

Kuwait's Emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, announced on Wednesday a half a billion dollar donation to Syria to help 9 million displaced Syrians - including 6 million refugees - who are facing a serious humanitarian crisis.

"The flames of the humanitarian crisis in Syria are still ongoing, destroying all signs of life," Sheikh Sabah said, describing the conflict as a catastrophe.

The US pledged $380 million, while Qatar and Saudi Arabia pledged $60 million in assistance to Syria.

Recently, the UN announced it required $6.5 billion this year to handle the Syrian refugee crisis.

Last year, Kuwait also hosted the first donor conference on Syria, raising $1.5 billion.

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