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Five political shows to replace 'House of Cards'

Ezaridho Ibnutama
Ezaridho Ibnutama

Majors in chemistry, but also loves writing and reading

Jakarta | Mon, November 6, 2017 | 01:55 pm
Five political shows to replace 'House of Cards'

For years, House of Cards has eclipsed other political TV shows with its Shakespearian anti-heroes and dark political underworld. (Shutterstock/File)

As the production of Netflix’s sixth episode of gripping political drama House of Cards has been indefinitely suspended, it gives room for other political shows to be in the spotlight. 

For years, House of Cards has eclipsed other political TV shows with its Shakespearian anti-heroes and dark political underworld. So it is safe to say that lots of people love the show; they love it more than sharks love blood. But as the show will be forced out of its current incumbency as top political show, there shall be a new one to take its place. 

What shows could they be? Here are five political shows that may take over House of Cards’ top spot:   

5. The Crown

For all the fans tired of the American political scene, The Crown is for you. This biographical Netflix series follows the life of the dominant matriarch of current times, Queen Elizabeth II.

Action, rivalry, and romance, the show has it all.

Claire Foy also shows her best acting chops with her portrayal as Queen Elizabeth II. And John Lithgow’s Winston Churchill has also given a lot of the series’ best moments. So the show can also serve as an entertaining history lesson.

4. Graves

A nation rarely talks about former presidents. It’s not because they become unimportant; a recent former president’s executive actions have not been measured by the test of time. Ex-presidents also have difficulty in staying relevant.

This show focuses on former Republican president Richard Graves and his family trying to stay in the limelight and cope with being a former first family.

3. Real Time with Bill Maher

This long-time HBO show has gotten even more heated with the unstable state of today’s politics. Bill Maher’s sharp, analytical political comments have also become the last few voices of reason in the mainstream media. In this weekly program with different guest panels, he invites people of various ideologies to debate topical subjects. 

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After then presidential nominee Donald Trump filed suit against Bill Maher over a joke about Trump being fathered by an orangutan, Maher has continued to lampoon the incumbent president in his increasingly controversial monologues. The show not only keeps viewers up-to-date with major world events, but also has audiences consider different perspectives on the matter.

2. Mock the Week

Not a fan of Maher’s pessimistic critique about the week’s latest tragedies but still want the week to be splattered by cream pies? No worries, the week has certainly not been officially mocked until Mock the Week airs an episode.

With two panels each with three well-known comedians competing against each other in a series of challenges, there is bound to be wacky antics. Host Dara O’Brien has been moderating between the two contending groups since the show first aired and is still going strong.

As the show progresses, the six comedians are put into different contests that are funnier than the last. The foul language and crude humor may turn many viewers away, but these comedians cannot help themselves from showing their true frustrations that mirror the entire English population.

1. Veep

Comedy and politics may be an odd combination, but it looks like Veep has found the right blend of humor to show the quirky demeanor and foul-mouthed language behind the veils of politics. The show follows vice president Selena Meyers on her self-determined journey to be America’s next president. She murders her own mother, neglects her daughter and under-appreciates her loyal yet dysfunctional staff. 

The show has lasted seven seasons and one still has to ask whether she will win the presidency. (kes)


Ezaridho Ibnutama majors in chemistry, but also loves writing and reading. A book lover who counts Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea as a favorite, Ezar describes himself as a cinephile.

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