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Demian Aditya releases statement on stunt double incident

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Jakarta | Mon, December 4, 2017 | 02:02 pm
Demian Aditya releases statement on stunt double incident

Demian Aditya says Echon is more than just his stunt double or team manager. (

Following an incident in which stunt double Edison “Echon” Wardhana was left injured during a live TV performance by illusionist Demian Aditya on Wednesday night, Demian released a statement via his Instagram account on Sunday.

“I apologize for not being able to make a statement about the incident because we’re all still focusing on Echon’s health,” read the statement. “There will be a time for me to speak, but the most important thing now is to pray for Echon’s well-being.”

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Gw dan pihak keluarga @edison_wardhana minta support dan doanya

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Demian added that Echon was more than just a stunt double or team manager. “He’s my best friend and we’ve known each other for 15 years […] he’s like an older brother to me."

According to, one of Echon’s family members said that his family did not blame Demian as both their families are close.

Demian performed a stunt on Wednesday called “The Death Drop”, in which he was seen trapped in a wooden casket and forced to escape before it dropped. However, on Thursday night, photos of Echon circulated online showing that it was him trapped inside the casket. Echon was immediately taken to the hospital. (wir/kes)