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Semarang State University pushes naturally colored batik development

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Jakarta | Sun, December 31, 2017 | 12:37 pm
Semarang State University pushes naturally colored batik development

Consistency: A batik artisan carefully uses a copper stamp to print a batik motif. JP/Ibrahim Irsyad (JP/Ibrahim Irsyad)

Semarang State University (Unnes) is pushing for the development of natural coloring for batik by providing assistance to new groups of batik artisans in Malon village, Gunungpati, Semarang, Central Java.

Head of the university’s environmental research and community outreach center, Dr. Nana Kariada, told Antara, “In Malon village, there are several batik artisan groups. The Bubakan batik village is better known, but the focus there is sales. In Malon village, we aim to produce and sell.”

Aside from the widely known batik groups, Batik Zie and Batik Salma, Nana said four other batik artisan groups were emerging, namely Batik Citra, Batik Kristal, Batik Delima and Batik Manggis. 

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Unnes partners with PT. Indonesia Power to provide the assistance and is supported by the local government.

According to Nana, the use of natural coloring will be a signature of Malon village’s batik products to attract visitors and tourists. A variety of plants are used to create the coloring, including mangroves, indigofera and jelawe fruit.

“Artisans from Batik Zie and Batik Salma also participate in training the Malon village artisans. They are very supportive, so we hope that with the participation of all parties, Malon village can really transform into a batik village,” Nana added.

The assistance and training have been offered since October and will continue, encompassing technical aspects, marketing and sales. (asw)