'Koran Jakarta' to hit
newsstands next week

Koran Jakarta, a 24-page Indonesian newspaper with a special economics section, will be available at newsstands on Monday.

Chief editor Marthen Selamet Susanto said the daily paper wanted to provide society with "enlightening news that caters to their needs".

"Business news will be our main strength. We've allocated around 40 percent of our paper to business," Selamet said.

"We're not head to head with any other newspapers because ours is unique. It is a morning newspaper with more news on the economy," he said.

Published by PT Berita Nusantara, a company owned by several media organizations, the newsroom in Jl. Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta, is full of senior journalists.

Selamet, who has worked for Suara Pembaruan afternoon paper for 14 years, said Koran Jakarta belonged to its reporters.

"We have a concept and we offered it to businessmen. There are at least 10 businessmen providing us with capital, but they don't determine our editorial," he said.

According to Selamet, his newspaper's readership would be people with salaries above Rp 1 million with at least a high school education. The newspaper can be found in Greater Jakarta, South Sumatra's Palembang and West Java's Bandung.

"Our target is to sell 80,000 copies," said Tri Juli Sukaryana, the newspaper's managing editor. -- JP

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