Letter: PT Semen Gresik

In response to the report on "Cement factory could threaten natural springs" by Suherdjoko in The Jakarta Post, Aug. 8, we would like to clarify that the environmental impact (Amdal) study conducted by Diponegoro University (Semarang) at the relevant location is still underway and its outcome will be issued in September, 2008.

The fear expressed by Sedulur Sikep youths of possible loss of 48 water springs following factory construction is a natural form of anxiety. But the result of the Amdal study will later provide a proper answer to the public concern.

The controversy over the Sukolilo factory in connection with the threat to water supply once arose during the construction of PT Semen Gresik's plant in Tuban. However, after 19 years in Tuban, the rate of water flow on the factory site has never been reduced.

On the other hand, we are intensifying the greening of two areas, which are the green belt area in the limestone and clay mining zone of PT Semen Gresik in Tuban, and the green barrier area in the buffer zone.

In a meeting with community figure Mbah Tarno on June 4 in Baturejo village, which was witnessed by the media, he affirmed that the Samin community did not sell its land to PT Semen Gresik, but if community members wished to sell part of theirs, it was left to their own decisions.

Communication Chief
PT Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk
Gresik, East Java

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