Sundanese music and dance
liven election day in Bogor

Residents of Badak and Bantarjati decided a local flavor was needed at their first-ever mayoral elections on in Bogor, West Java, on Saturday.

The traditional touches of degung and reog dog-dog could be found in Badak and Bantarjati subdistricts.

Degung (Sundanese gamelan orchestra) musicians played melodies at the election booths in Badak and Bantarjati subdistricts while troupes of reog dog-dog (traditional West Java comic performances, featuring a group of comedians dancing in a circle) toured housing areas to remind people to come and vote.

At another booth in Tevlan, Tanah Sereal district, the election committee gave away seeds from various decorative plants and tree saplings to residents who had voted.

A touch of an agricultural and environment theme could also be seen when entering the election booths, as they were decorated with coconut leaves, coconut fruit and even banana ornaments.

Bogor's Election Commission Committee Radjab Tampubolon said that 603,029 registered voters in Bogor had cast their votes, choosing a new mayor and deputy mayor.

Five pairs were contending for the positions. Two pairs were independent candidates -- Syafei Bratasendjaya-Akik Darul Tahkik and Iman Santoso, or Ki Gendeng Pamungkas with Ahmad Chusaery.

The other pairs were Iis Supriatini-Ahani supported by the Democratic Party, the Concern for the Nation Functional Party and the Reform Star Party; Dodi Rosady-Erik Irawan Suganda supported by the National Mandate Party, the United Development Party, the Crescent Star Party and the National Awakening Party; and incumbent Bogor team Diani Budiarto-Achmad Ru'yat supported by the Golkar Party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle and the Prosperous Justice Party.

Radjab said Saturday that the election event had run smoothly, as all residents had flocked to the election booths. Since Saturday morning, the streets in Bogor which are usually jammed with motor vehicles were reasonably calm.

At around three p.m. the ballots began arriving at the KPUD office. All ballots from the 68 election booths were expected to be at the KPUD office by midnight. Vote counting will run from Oct. 29 to Nov. 4.

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