Letter: The effects of
consuming instant noodles

Nowadays, people consume more instant noodles per day. For example: One family household consumes noodles for breakfast and lunch or dinner everyday. People tend to like noodles because they are easy and fast to prepare and delicious but cheap. But they do not know that instant noodles have negative effects on their health.

Children in particular will suffer health problems if they consume instant noodles everyday. Noodles do not contain enough nutrients, while their additives are harmful to pregnant women and children under five.

As with other industrial fastfood products, instant noodles use many chemical ingredients, such as food colorings, preservatives and flavorings, that we should be wary of. Although they have minimal effects if consumed rarely, if consumed over a long time, the chemical substances will accumulate in one's body and later disturb the body's metabolism because essentially they are poisons.

There are some disadvantages to consuming instant noodles:

1. They can reduce the ability of children under five to absorb nutrients. Arlene Ersenberg says in her book "What to eat when you are expecting", that many children under five have problems absorbing nutrients after consuming instant noodles.

2. Noodles can negatively effect the development of a fetus. Ersenberg also says in her book that in England, many pregnant women who consume large amounts of instant noodles suffer miscarriages.

3. Styrofoam, which is often used in instant noodles packaging, can cause cancer.

Therefore, it is better for you to avoid frequently consuming instant noodles, and if you want to consume them, you can add in vegetables to balance out the ill effects.

Metro, Lampung

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