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JAKARTA: After the bliss of her second marriage, singer and author Dewi Lestari is getting ready for another upcoming joy: A new baby.

Dewi, who got married to holistic-therapy practitioner Reza Gunawan in Novermber last year, reveals she's currently in her 3-month pregnancy.

"It has been three months now. We're very happy and grateful for this," says Dewi, who had previously married to singer Marcell Siahaan.

Unlike her first pregnancy, Dewi says, she's not into a "craving" for something odd.

"I'm not into a *food craving'; instead, I'm loosing my appetite," says the mother of four-year old Keenan Avalokita Kirana. "Maybe that's because I'm having nausea all the times. It's hard for me to eat."

According to Dewi, not only that the upcoming baby brings happiness to her and his husband, but it also excites her son.

"Keenan is so happy because he's about to have a sibling. He's been wanting one since a long time ago."

"Keenan kisses my belly all the times. He also helps me out whenever I feel sick," Dewi says, adding she's happy that she can fulfill his son's wish list.

Dewi, who's popular for her best-selling novel Supernova, is currently taking some times off from her activities out of request from her husband.

"Reza has asked me to cut off some of my activities to make sure my pregnancy in good condition," says the 33-year-old former member of pop singing trio RSD, or Rida-Sita-Dewi. - JP

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