Eradicating terrorism

I wish to state my concern about the recent bombing in Jakarta involving two highly secure five star hotels.

By not taking the necessary steps to eradicate the rise of the Islamic extremists in Indonesia the government is completely to blame for this recent terrorist attacks against the JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlton hotels. They should educate the population against violence and streamline security methods already in place.

In order to stop terrorism they first have to tackle the increase of terrorists. This can be done by monitoring activities of up and coming future extremists by ensuring they receive a balanced education and not one that is biased. Subsequently they won't gravitate toward violent acts. So as they mature they will be an asset to the Indonesian society rather than a liability.

Also the government could try to pass something like the PATRIOT act in America, where the government stops any suspicious gathering of extremists. The Islamists should try to learn to appreciate what tolerance means to Islam. Although Indonesia is absorbing western culture, they should balance the Indonesian culture so it would be a fair mix. Due to the fact that all terrorists were Islamic, Islamic people have to learn not to be discriminate and absorb other religions and cultures, hatred, bombing and terrorism will not occur.

The government should also provide more high-tech technology such as x-rays scanners for the security forces in order to bring the masterminds to justice. Surprisingly, the hotel which was previously bombed, boasted a high-tech security system. Sadly, everyday I see laziness and incompetence in security personnel and security checks on vehicles are not performed correctly. Therefore the bombings occurred because of the incompetence of security officers.

Overall, the government must take the necessary steps to eradicate the rise of the Islamic extremists in Indonesia.

Vincent Kong

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