Police name Gayus case
judge a suspect: Lawyer

JAKARTA: Judge Muhtadi Asnun, who acquitted tax officer Gayus Tambunan from money laundering and embezzlement charges, has been named a suspect by the National Police, Asnun’s lawyer Farhat Abbas said Thursday.

“The police have summoned him for questioning on Friday and the warrant says his status is a suspect,” Farhat told reporters.

According to the warrant, Farhat said, Asnun was suspected of accepting a gratuity. “But the warrant doesn’t state the amount of the alleged gratuity,” Farhat said.

Asnun, also a former Tangerang District Court chief, had presided over Gayus’ court sessions.

Judicial Commission chairman Busyro Muqoddas said Asnun had admitted to receiving Rp 50 million in cash from Gayus prior to the verdict issuance. — JP

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