Vina feels younger with
new album

Vina Panduwinata: (JP/R. Bertho Wedhatama)
Vina Panduwinata: (JP/R. Bertho Wedhatama)

Pop diva Vina Panduwinata might be getting older, but her recent album has given her a new lease on life.

"The work I did with other musicians on this album brought a breath of fresh air to my life," said the 51-year-old when launching her album Kekuatan Cinta (The Power of Love) in Jakarta last week. "This album has given me strength - I feel fresher and younger," she added.

Kekuatan Cinta consists of 13 new songs, with Cinta Terakhir (The Last Love) being the first single. According to Vina, the album brings together themes of love, life and God.

"Love, life and God are things that can't be separated from us," she said. "You can feel a whole new mood in this album, as I've tried to convey my messages more interactively."

Despite releasing dozens of albums and receiving many awards, Vina said she had never considered herself the best singer.

"I've never wanted to be number one, especially now," she said. "I know artists making a comeback is a regular thing, so I'm happy to compete with younger singers," she added. - JP

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