Zaskia to celebrate Idul
Fitri at cinemas

JP/Dian Kuswandini

JAKARTA: It’s going to be a special Idul Fitri for actress Zaskia Adya Mecca and her husband, movie director Hanung Bramantyo, as they plan to spend it rather differently: Trolling Jakarta’s cinemas to hear criticism first hand.

With Hanung’s latest movie, Sang Pencerah (The Enlighter), will be hitting cinemas over Idul Fitri. Zaskia says they can’t wait to witness audiences’ enthusiasm for the movie on the spot.

“We’ll be touring movie theaters on this year’s Idul Fitri to gauge audiences’ responses,” said Zaskia, 23, who tied the knot with Hanung, 35, in September last year. “We don’t mind working [over Idul Fitri] because it’s something we love to do,” she adds.

Zaskia, who is seven months pregnant, also took the role of casting director in the movie.

“I just wanted to learn the process behind the scenes,” said Zaskia, who picked pop-band Nidji’s vocalist Giring Ganesha, Indonesian Idol’s winner Ihsan and actor Sudjiwo Tedjo to star in the movie. — JP

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