Mt. Merapi eruptions bury
temple relics

YOGYAKARTA: Mount Merapi’s frequent eruptions have subsumed dozens of historical items, with some 39 objects recently found underneath cold lava.

Yogyakarta Cultural Agency head Djoko Dwiyanto said his team recently found 39 relics in areas surrounding Yogyakarta. Djoko said many objects were still covered with lava, requiring archeologists to use remote sensing equipment to find them.

The equipment uses an electronic system, however, the equipment cannot determine precisely whether rock is part of a temple construction or not.

Djoko said in order to retrieve the objects, his office had allocated Rp 10 billion (US$1.1 million), with the excavation to be done by Yogyakarta’s Archeology and Ancient Conservation Hall (BP3).

Between 1960 and 2010, BP3 found five temples that were buried between 2 and 9 meters deep: Morangan, Gampingan, Kadisoko, Sambisari and Kimpulan. — JP

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