Perumnas allocates Rp 500b
for low-cost houses

JAKARTA: House developer Perum Perumnas has said it will allocate between Rp 400 billion (US$45 million) and Rp 500 billion to build 100,000 low-cost houses.

Perumnas president director Himawan Arief said the funds would be used to build houses with a floor space of 36 square meters.

“We will construct 30,000 low-cost houses in the first stage,” Himawan said Thursday, as quoted by kontan.co.id.

Of the 30,000 houses, Perumnas will build 6,000 in East Java, and the another 5,000 in East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara, he said.

“We need to wait for each province to be ready before we can realize the whole plan,” Himawan said. — JP

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