Liverpool to set up first
Asia academy

JAKARTA: Liverpool FC announced Friday that it would establish Asia’s first LFC International Academy and Soccer School (LFCIASS) in Indonesia in June.

The LFCIASS is scheduled to establish a nationwide branded junior league and network of soccer schools in several cities around the country, from which the Acadeny will source its talent.

BritCham Indonesia, one of the Academy’s partners, said that the plan and mandate in building partnership with Indonesia would be done in the “Liverpool way”.

”With that in mind, the unique feature is that two graduates of Liverpool’s own Academy in England, both members of Liverpool’s FA Youth Trophy winning squad, will be based in Indonesia from mid of next month,” BritCham Indonesia CEO Chris Wren told a press conference.

The announcement coincides with the visit of Liverpool legend Phil Neal to Jakarta on Saturday. Phil is scheduled to assist the Academy coach Paul Baratt in the event. About 3,000 kids are expected participate in Saturday’s coaching clinic. — JP

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