Guess what?: Ungu guitarist
Onci, Endhita tie the knot


JAKARTA: Ungu guitarist Arlonsy Miraldi, popularly known as Onci, married model Endhita on Sunday in a wedding ceremony in Kartini Hall in South Jakarta.

Onci said he would approach marriage in the same way he had dating.

“I’m happy that I got through the Ijab Kabul [wedding ceremony] without any hitches. I was a bit tense and mistakenly put the ring on her right hand – it should have gone on her left,” Onci said as quoted by kapanlagi.com.

“Yes, it was a bit tense, but smooth. I like wearing white kebaya as it symbolizes nationalism and purity,” Endhita added.

Onci, 30, gave Endhita, 32, a dowry of Rp 1,230,000 (US$139).

“The one was for the date when we first started dating, two is my birthday and three is her birthday,” Onci said.

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