BPS launches population
data portal

JAKARTA: The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) posted on Tuesday data from the 2010 population census on its website as part of its efforts to disseminate information to far-flung regions.

Djamal, the agency’s head, said that people could soon access data up to the district area, but for the time being the data was only available at the provincial level. He said that the data would be used as a work basis by various ministries.

“For example, the national education and culture minister would respond to the number of children of school age by providing enough schools, or the Health Ministry would respond to the maternal mortality rate by providing health services for pregnant women,“ Djamal said.

In 2010, the Indonesian population was recorded at 237.64 million, with 57.5 percent of them living on Java Island. Of the number, 107.7 million were in the workforce, with 68.2 million being men and 39.5 million women.

Since independence, five population census have been taken in 1961, 1971, 1980, 1990 and 2000. The 2010 census was the sixth. For more information, click http://sp2010.bps.go.id.

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