Teenage girl raped by member
of school staff

Jakarta Police are investigating the case of a student in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, who was allegedly raped by one of her school’s administration staff.

The police are examining a beauty salon in Dadap, Tangerang, which is believed to be the place where the suspect Ikh, 24, raped the 15-year-old D.N. three times between June and August.

“He always raped the victim there. He paid for a room at the salon for Rp 50,000 for a single use,” said Adj. Sr. Comr. Parulian Sinaga, head of the Women and Children’s Protection Unit.

Before raping D.N., Ikh gave her an energy drink, which had been spiked with sleeping pills to make her unconscious, Parulian said.

“So, when she woke up she was already naked and weak,” he said.

Citing a statement provided by the salon’s owner, Parulian said that D.N. was informed by the owner that Ikh had raped her, and was then handed Rp 300,000, money that Ikh had given the owner to pass on to D.N.

Parulian said that Ikh raped D.N. three times, adding that Ikh also told her to stop going to school and, instead, start working as a prostitute.

Ikh is currently being held in police custody for violating the law on child protection.

“He has been charged under Chapter 81 of the 2002 Child Protection Law,” Parulian added.

The family reported the case to the police when they noticed D.N.’s strange behavior. She was often pale and spent more time with her friends than usual. After some persuasion, she finally admitted what Ikh had done to her.

Last week, a separate case concerning sexual assaults against children became media headlines.

K.C., a 72-year-old Koran recital teacher at Ibtidaiyah Al Marfuah Islamic school in Kebon Bawang, North Jakarta, allegedly sexually assaulted more than 30 female students aged between 7 and 9 years old.

K.C. has been detained by the North Jakarta Police since last month.

However, Marlina, a Women’s Aspiration Foundation representative, who has been assisting the victims in the case, said that K.C.’s son had approached the families of the victims, asking them to end his father’s detention.

“Although some of the families agreed with him, the police are unlikely to grant it,” she said.

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