Cinere-Jagorawi turnpike
ready to roll

JAKARTA: The first section of the Cinere-Jagorawi toll road will start operations on Friday, according to an official on Tuesday.

Director of outer ring road operator Translingkar Kita Jaya, Bambang Hartanto, said that the 3.7-kilometer road had passed the feasibility study held by the Public Works Ministry.

The new road is an extension of Jagorawi toll road that will connect Jakarta, Depok and Bogor. It is expected that the turnpike could ease the traffic along Jl. Lenteng Agung, currently the main entrance to Depok from Pasar Minggu, Jakarta.

“Depok commuters can take the new toll road to get to Jakarta,” Bambang was quoted by tempo.co.

The company had proposed a Rp 4,000 (less than US 50 cents) toll for the new road, but the ministry had yet to decide on the final figure.

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