Experts say Gambir drunk
driver was speeding

JAKARTA: Experts on physics and traffic safety say that Afriyani Susanti, who killed nine pedestrians near Gambir station in January, was driving much faster than her passengers have testified.

Djoko Triyono, a physics expert from the University of Indonesia, told the judges at the Central Jakarta District Court on Wednesday that Afriyani had accelerated to 99 kilometers per hour moments before the crash, much faster than the 50 kilometers per hour claimed by her passengers Ary Sendy and Deny Mulyana.

“The speed could be measured by the CCTV footage, which comes in the rate of 30 frames per second. My team determined [the speed] by separating each frame and calculating the distance traveled by the car,” Djoko told the judges.

The witnesses, friends of Afriyani, previously told the court that the car was traveling at about 40 to 50 kilometers per hour at the time of the crash, apparently contradicting their statements to detectives that Afriyani had driven the car at 91.3 kilometers an hour.

Ronny Talapessy, a lawyer for the families of the crash victims, said that he would report Ary and Deny to the Jakarta Police for allegedly perjuring themselves in court. “Their contradictory testimony was not only about the speed of the car. In court they claimed that they did not know about Afriyani drinking alcohol and consuming ecstasy pills. The detective’s report, meanwhile, says otherwise.”

Afriyani was charged with premeditated murder by prosecutors, despite pleas from her attorneys that she had not intended to kill anyone.

She faces 15 years’ imprisonment for the nine deaths.

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