Pulogebang terminal ready
for Transjakarta

JAKARTA: The Jakarta Transportation Agency will open on Saturday the Pulogebang terminal in East Jakarta as an interchange station for the Transjakarta bus network, an official said on Friday.

Agency head Udar Pristono said that although the facility was still under construction, the Pulogebang terminal could start operations for Transjakarta bus corridor 11, serving Kampung Melayu-Pulogebang.

“Tomorrow will mark the soft launch. We expect the construction of the terminal to be completed in October,” he said, adding that the Transjakarta operator would use single-length buses for the corridor.

Udar explained that besides the Transjakarta buses, three other public bus services — serving Pulogadung-Gudang Plawad, Cakung-Rawamangun and Pulogadung-Ujung Karawang routes — would also transit at the station.

He added that the Pulogebang terminal was a modern facility equipped with a supermarket, a mosque, toilets and a service area.

He said the city administration had allocated Rp 448 billion (US$47.15 million) in 2010 for the project.

By extending the route to Pulogebang station, the administration had completed the 11th Transjakarta corridor out of the 15 that had been planned in 2004. The previous Jakarta governor, Sutiyoso, completed 10 of them.

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