Dhini Aminarti: Cinema

JP/Indah Setiawati

Actress Dhini Aminarti feels fortunate to have a chance to play on the same screen with her husband, actor Dhimas Seto.

Both are playing in a religious themed soap opera titled Dalam Mihrab Cinta (In the Pulpit of Love) in RCTI. The 29-year-old refused to follow a script that required her to slap Dhimas, saying that she was afraid of falling into sin
for doing so.

The actress who became famous in her lead role in a soap opera titled Wulan started wearing hijab (headscarf) this year.

“My hobbies do not change every time. I love going to shopping malls, watching movies in the cinemas and traveling.

“I can hardly wait for the last Twilight series! I like drama and comedy films. Some people may say that dramas should just be watched on DVDs at home, but I beg to differ. Watching it in the cinema gives us a stronger impression than watching it at home.

“I can go to the cinema every day. Once, I was restless because there were no more new movies that I had not watched. I barely watch local movies, but I do if I like the cast, the story and the genre. I don’t like watching Indonesian horror films. I am scared to watch them because the stories’ background locations are mostly here.

“As for traveling, every place that I have visited always leaves an impression on me because each place is unique. I like going to the beach a lot, so if I have a chance for a vacation, I will pick up places that have nice beaches. If you also like beaches, then I recommend Bali and Lombok, including the Gili Islands in Lombok and Manado.

“I go to beauty salon to spoil myself. I am no different from many other women who like to go to salon to fill in their ‘me time’. If I have time for a body treatment but I don’t feel like going out, I usually call a therapist and do the treatment at home. My favorite treatments are having lulur (scrub massage) and hair creambath, but I also like to do other treatments.

“I also have my own beauty regime. I always clean my face. It is an obligatory activity to me even when I just stay at home the entire day. We never know when the dust lands on our face at home, right?”

— Indah Setiawati

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