Greater Jakarta: Death
penalty sought in UIN student

TANGERANG: Prosecutors asked the Tangerang District Court on Tuesday to sentence to death Muhamad “Oleng” Soleh, the alleged main actor in the gang rape and murder of Izzun Nahdliyah, a student at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN).

Prosecutors Hartono and Lukman Hakim also asked the panel of judges to hand down life sentences on five other defendants involved in the case. “There are no mitigating factors to reduce the sentence because the defendants have shown no remorse for their cruelty. They even gave false testimony during the trial,” said Hartono. The police said the victim was trying to get her laptop back from Oleng, her boyfriend, not knowing that he had already pawned it.

At his parents’ home in Ranca Buaya, Legok district, Oleng forced Izzun to take several painkiller tablets to render her unconscious and then took turns with his friends to rape her. They later slit her throat and dumped the body by the side of Jl. Pemda DKI in Legok on April 7. The hearing was adjourned until next week to hear the defendants’ defense statements.

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