Gorgeous with short hair

Pack My Hair.(Courtesy of Rudi Hadisuwarno)
Pack My Hair.(Courtesy of Rudi Hadisuwarno)

City life gives women a fierce personality at home and at the office.

Disregard the general thought that long hair is for feminine women and that short hair is for tomboys. Short hair can be both feminine and sporty. Many shampoo and hair treatment advertisements today showcase public figures with a variety of hair styles. Traditional advertisements that featured long, shiny black hair are now a thing of the past.

Indonesian renowned hairdresser Rudy Hadisuwarno agrees that today, city girls prefer edgier hair styles that go with their busy lifestyles. Such styles can be seen in some of his anticipated hair trends for 2013 called “Gorgeous”.

“I am inspired by hair sensations of the 1940s, when women appeared romantic and elegant, and in the 1970s when women were more energetic.” He said that he drew inspiration from those two different time periods when he catered to female clients.

Eloquent Me.(Courtesy of Rudi Hadisuwarno)

Eloquent Me.(Courtesy of Rudi Hadisuwarno)
“If you like short hair, sleek or sophisticated asymmetrical cuts are great options for a fresh and dramatic look. Rudy said that short hair this year will be more feminine and will be not as extreme as the very short hair trends of 2012. The styles will be more wearable for everyone.

“I predict that the short asymmetrical trend will be a favorite in 2013, especially for those who prefer short hair. It is inspired by trends of the 1970s,” Rudy said.

He recently demonstrated an asymmetrical hair cut in front of hundreds of professional hairdressers in a hotel. The hair on the left side of the face was cut short above the ear and he carefully used a razor to trim the back of the hair in a tilted angle. The remaining longer hair covered half of the face with a pointy end.    

Leave the Equipoise. (Courtesy of Rudi Hadisuwarno)
Leave the Equipoise. (Courtesy of Rudi Hadisuwarno)
A classic bob with sharp edges and strong fringe is still a staple this year although the length is a bit longer now. Rudy said that women with a fuller face could create a flattering look with a bob long enough to cover their jaws. Side-swept fringe or long bangs are also highly recommended. He suggested that blunt fringe should be avoided as they could make the face look fuller.

Long hair trends are not too different from last year. Long hair lovers may want to add a wavy touch on the lower regions of their hair to add a sexy accent. What makes this year’s style different from last year is the placement of the waves.

Vigorously Gorgeous. (Courtesy of Rudi Hadisuwarno)
Vigorously Gorgeous. (Courtesy of Rudi Hadisuwarno)
“We can make waves on long hair by creating layers at the bottom of the hair. But this year, layers are starting lower,” he said.

Rudy said that brown hair would still rule this year as the color matches the general skin color of Indonesian women. But, he wants to popularize red and purple red tones. K-Pop inspired hair colors like golden brown will stick around although the color truly only goes well with fair skin.

Even though short hair is expected to rule 2013, it does not mean that people will forgo the long and sleek hair styles that make smoothing treatments a hot demand in beauty salons across the country.

“Long hair undergoing a smoothing treatment may be a long-lasting trend due to its practicality. People can treat their hair once every three months to smoothen the newly grow hair,” Rudy said, adding that smoothing the entirety of your hair regularly could damage it.

He said that whatever hairstyle you choose to make a fresh start this year, there are three steps of basic hair care that are necessary to maintain healthy hair: Washing your hair at least once every two days, applying conditioner but not on the scalp and applying hair tonic to strengthen roots.

After that, say hello to new hair that shines energetically.

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