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Comment: Are we losing
more islands?

Jan. 30, p. 6

On Jan. 19, okezone.com reported that Indonesia’s Semakau Island had been claimed by Singapore. In Indonesia, news about island claims, sovereignty issues and international disputes easily attract more attention compared to other matters. Such issues are sexy content for the media to play with. (By I Made Andi Arsana, Sydney)

Your comments:

Yeah, Asians in the 21st century are obsessed with island ownership like Europeans a hundred years ago were obsessed with empires. It’s so frightening.

Luckily Indonesians are quite happy to launch tirades on online forums, news websites’ comments section and by wearing anti-Malaysia T-shirts; all while booking Air Asia flights to Singapore.

In China, they burned police cars because of the Japanese brand and attacked people who ate in Japanese restaurants.

In Korea they chastened celebrities who did not want to abuse Japan on-air. It is as if the whole continent is suddenly feeling insecure and needs to fly the flag over a rock, while ignoring the land they have had.

Mario Rustan

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